How can I Make My Life Better, Part 2

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Learn to Make Choices

"Life is a series of choices".

It goes based on the choices you make. You can either choose to be: 

  • negative or positive, 

  • love or hate,

  • learn or ego

  • accept or deny, etc

In life, you have to know 'how you feel' and 'how you react' because people are born to a negative world through the negative perception wandering around the world but they can be healed by their choices.

Learn Critical Thinking

Most times life won't go well if you don't put logic in it.

Utilize this:

  • Quality of the source: who gave you this advice or information, how did you find it? etc. Always make use of the 'How', 'What', 'When', 'Where'.

  • Results: lookout for the results; don't ask people who were there but people who are still there.

  • Evidence-based 

  • Common sense

  • The truth: they are telling you what they want you to hear and not what you want to hear. Take note!

  • Practical: your truth should be practical.

  • Safety: stay safe. You're responsible for your safety.

  • Worst-case scenario

  • Benefit analysis: pros, cons, and the neutral to achieve the result of a benefit.


"First we make out habits, then our habits make us"

In psychotherapy, habit is automaticity and this is simply the things you do automatically. Habit can break or make you and it can be positive or negative.

Only a successful human or someone who chooses success will understand that practicing a strong positive habit will build you to a greater extent. If you are practicing a positive habit, strengthen it

Learn Attitude

This is a great aspect of your coping ability. This can break an individual, a home, or a company.

These most times come from your perception or people's perception, hence an issue you have to work on.


"Life is 10% what is out there and 90% how you take it"

"The quality of your life is the quality of your attitudes"

Attitude is more important than appearance, giftedness, skill, education, money, circumstances, failures, successes, etc.

Note: You have a choice every day regarding what you'll embrace for that day. You can not change your past, you can not change the fact that people will act in a certain way, not even the inevitable but the only thing you can do is play on the one string you have and that is your 'ATTITUDE'.

Learn Acceptance

This is simply accepting and owing all that happens in life. Remember, nothing happens in this world by mistake.

"It is only a fool who likes whining, bitching, complaining and lacks acceptance".

The Bible also stated that before we became wise, we were once fools. Hence, don't be afraid to start over and accept your place, past, situations, and how people treated you. Unless you accept life completely on a life term, you can not be HAPPY!.

Things to Accept 

  • Self

  • Others

  • Situations

  • Life

  • Past

  • Future

  • Work

  • Accidents

  • Hardships, etc.

Acceptance is simply accepting reality and this helps to relieve your pains because reality is extensively hard and painful but can be cracked up if you learn to accept it.

Note: Don't regret it but accept it and love it and you'll be relieved.

Learn to be Happy

Happiness is free. This should be your ultimate goal. 

How to be happy:

  • Don't put conditions to your happiness E.g I will be happy when I smoke for today. No! Don't do that to yourself.

  • Always feel fantastic every day for the little you've achieved, the intelligence, knowledge, etc. You can celebrate it in a little way either monthly, or yearly 

  • Make it easy to be happy

  • Make everything funny. 😆. Remember, "life is a joke, and don't get surprised when you turned the joke"

  • Make one of your life goals to always be happy. It heals.

Learn how to turn your 'should' into 'must'

This is simply doing what you're meant to do(must) rather than losing responsibility with the (should).

Learn how to communicate(internally and externally)

This is most times unappreciated but better communication can solve lots of problems and bad communication is the reverse. 

" It is not what you say but is how you say it"

"The quality of your life is the quality go your communication"

Note: Be sensitive to how you speak, feel and express yourself.

Learn how to listen

Having 2 ears and 1 mouth means you're designed this way to do twice as much listening as speaking.

"Communication is the response you get". -Anthony Robbins-

"Seek first to understand, then to be understood"

What to think of when listening

  • Beliefs

  • Values

  • Philosophy

  • Logic

  • History

  • Motive, how they present it and express it

As a listener, always learn to be empathetic.

Remember, "Nobody cares about what you know until they know that you care". This implies:

  • People listen to you because you're reaching out to them in a kind way

  • Your purpose is to help them.

Learn Anger Management

" Anger is like picking up a hot coal and throwing it at someone….. You may hurt them, but you will burn yourself first'.Try to manage and control your anger, think of your Belief System (B.S), don't follow others, learn emotional control.

Remember, You only stop people from pushing your butts by removing them. Take note!

The question should be,

'Why are you so easily frustrated' rather than 'why is the other person so frustrating'

Learn how to 'Let go'

Anger gets to all your relationships. Don't hold resentment. Let it go!

Thank you for reading!

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