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DigiU is an artificial intelligence and blockchain development and funding ecosystem. The project consists of a technology company and a venture capital fund. Today, DigiU brings together 180 countries and more than 50,000 partners around the world.

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In just one year, the DigiU project has successfully started mastering three of the five existing Artificial Intelligence technologies: predictive analytics, computer vision and voice technology. The company has three developments in its portfolio:


🌟 DigiU.Voice is a service that transforms text into speech. It allows you to reproduce the intonation, accents and pauses of a particular person. The service has already been the subject of a patent search and is in the process of patent registration. A demo version of the service is available in Russian and English.


🌟 DigiU.Vision is a development that recognizes objects, understands emotions, differentiates people by gender and identifies age!


🌟 DigiU.Wealth is a product based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. It generates profits from exchange transactions on DeFi markets. Using predictive analytics, our Artificial Intelligence studies the exchanges and predicts which will yield the most. DigiU.Wealth already allows its investors to earn regular passive income every month!

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We are also developing DigiU's own blockchain lab, an experimental unit. Its main task is to research and develop projects in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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Our venture capital fund will allow you to invest in promising projects with a minimum investment of just $ 50. In 2021, we will pay special attention to the DigiU Venture Fund. We will select only viable start-ups and invest your funds thoughtfully. And you could become a part owner of a new billion head unicorn in as little as 5 years!

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The main area of ​​activity of DigiU is artificial intelligence technology. In 2020, the Artificial Intelligence market grew significantly to reach $ 62.4 billion. By 2027, that number is expected to quadruple to $ 267 billion. And this is only the start of the new technological age!

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There are several ways to make profit with DigiU. You can buy any share package and receive dividends. You can invest in DigiU.Wealth and receive monthly passive income. Or you can get involved in promoting the project information.

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When you register, you will receive 100 free shares!

You also receive 500 shares of shares to distribute to 5 of your friends. After which you receive 200 shares of shares for yourself!

You also have the possibility to receive 100 shares of shares from your sponsor!

You can also accomplish certain tasks in your back office and receive some shares of shares which will be credited to your account on the 10th of the month!

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