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AQUIX is an officially registered startup in Georgia that develops technologies with the aim of improving the environment, human nutrition and health.


Since the successful development of air and water purification devices, AQUIX has been granted resident status of Georgia Special Computer Zone. According to this status, the project enjoys the privileges and support of the state, guaranteeing its stability and immunity to negative economic changes.

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The main projects of the company now are the following devices:

1. The Cavitator:

It is designed to improve human health by producing safe, clean and useful natural energy. Due to the process of cavitation in this device, the molecular structure of water changes, receives a specific energy charge, which is then transmitted to a person.

The use of Cavitator water completely replaces coffee and caffeinated drinks. It is essential to note that such water does not harm the human body, but works in the opposite direction.

By putting our or your own additives in the Cavitator water, you can considerably increase the absorption of useful elements by the cells. In addition, such water allows cells to spend much less energy on the processes of assimilation of useful elements.

2. The Izonator

It performs clear and useful functions. It can be used to clean, heat or cool and ionize the air. Finally, the owner of this device receives the air like on the sea coast in terms of quality. It is a new type of air conditioner with pleasant impact and improving health.

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The decision to launch the cryptocurrency was taken by the main project managers: Artem Balyakno (CEO, sales specialist), Andrey Chentsov (executive director, scientist), Oleg Polezhaev (lawyer).

The main objective is to increase the number of investors and the volume of investment in the company's turnover to enter the global market and for overall growth of production.

Not only AQUIX but also investors will benefit as they will have both cryptocurrency and the permanent income given by this asset.

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Today, the cryptocurrency is in the works and is not available for purchase. You can simply invest in the project. By investing money in AQUIX, you get a certain number of shares of the company, depending on the volume of investment.

Like cryptocurrency in the future, stocks will bring you passive income as a percentage of the company's profits. In the future, the shares will be reformatted into digital coins (on the ERC20 standard or on its own blockchain), which will further enhance the security and other benefits of this investment.

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Based on an excellent team of scientists, lawyers and sales specialists as well as the actual production and sales of developed technologies, AQUIX stands out from the thousands of other cryptocurrency startups !!!

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