You Belong With Me

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3 years ago

I saw you there , and fell in love 

For expressing my feelings ,I don't have words enough. 

The way you smile the way you talk, 

You're on my mind round-the-clock

The kinda a guy you are

Is what everyone wants. 

Thought of getting apart 

Is something which haunts, 

You have World's most contagious smile

After seeing it, catching my breathe takes a while. 

Your shimmering eyes, your impeccable lips 

I love their touch on my fingers tips. 

Caressing your hair makes my day 

I know everything is temporary ,but you're here to stay. 

Fighting with you makes me cry and it hurts me every time you lie 

Still no matter what happens I Don't wanna lose you before I die. 

You're my life you're the one

When I've you , I need no one. 

I love you for who you are 

I ain't no gold digger who wants your money or car

Days will pass and our love will become stronger

I really can't wait to marry you any longer

Thanks for coming in my life and making it blissful 

Don't worry, ain't going anywhere will always be there for making yours more stressful

Poem for love birds which might make your significant other smile. 

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every time i see your article i think someone cannot write better than that but you always keep smashing them out of the park

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3 years ago

Thanksgiving Dear

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3 years ago