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PROMPT: You’ve had a really rotten year financially. Your friends give you nice gifts, but you can’t afford it. What do you do? 


"Francis! I've had enough of this! Get your broke behind up in here. RIGHT NOW!"

"Hun, chill, what's with the yelling?"

"What's with the yelling? What did you promise me?"

"Erm, that I'd brush my teeth twice a day?"

"We know how that's going." She countered, rolling her eyes at him.

"Francis, you promised we were going to have a quiet Christmas this year. With nothing fancy."

"Oh, Brie, what's fancy about this year? We couldn't even get a Christmas tree."

"You mean, what's not fancy. Look at the things your friends gave you!"

"They gave me. Me didn't ask. Me didn't beg. What's your deal? Woman!" 

His caveman impression gave clear signals. Brie didn't want to ruffle his feathers. The year had done enough of that. 

"Francis." She said softly.

"Brie, I'm sorry. Let's sit and talk?" 

"I'd love that." She said as she moved in for a snuggle.

They continued in the lonely couch.

"Francis. Carl bought you that expensive watch. Ronan brought you three kegs of beer."

"Yes Brie, and Diamond bought me the new fishing pole I was crazy about."

"Phil bought you the gaming console. To help you waste time with a smile on your face."

"Don't blaspheme against my gaming habits."

"And what's with the silly face."

She poked his nose. He used the classic wink that won her over.

"Francis! Don't wink. You look sillier."

"Haha, says the one who fell for it."

"For real now, what are you getting them. You can't just take and not give."

"I could take a loan?"

"Tsk, says the guy who neck deep in debt. About that, when are you paying me?"

"Oh Brie, what you gave in cash, I gave back, in another form."

"In another form?" 

"Just like I did last night." Two winks and a naughty smile followed.

"Oh Francis! And you totally have to see the doctor about your wink."

"Brie! Eureka! Remember the time the doctor took flesh  from my leg to patch up my hand?"

"Yeah...what are you getting at?

"What if I give away the things I got. Like Diamond gets the console for her son. Ronan can go fishing with the pole. Phil gets one keg of beer."

"Hey. And what happens to the two other kegs?" She cut in.

"It took time for my leg to heal after the doctor took flesh from it. The two kegs of beer will heal my soul."

"Interesting, so you're deciding to give away all your stuff?"

"All my stuff? No. I have more valuable things left."

"Valuable things like?"

"My lovely wife and a piece of turkey in the refrigerator."

She blushed, leaned in and planted something nice on his mouth. A consoling hug came next and her words followed.

"Francis, I love you. You're the best thing a woman could have, rotten year and all."

He dug his head into her bossom and whispered. 

"The turkey is the most valuable thing to me."

"Well your breath stinks!You're sleeping in the couch. Francis!"

And thus ended the magical day of Christmas.

The end.

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