The Undying Man

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3 years ago

Survives after

The strike of death

And is reborn

By mother grave

He acquires

A new trait inborn.

And will never see

Death again

His new home

May be in Jahannam -

That faces fall off

Facing a fliud it boiled

Where his food

Will be Zaqqum -

A poisonous and thorny plant

Which stood the heat of hell

And his drink

Will be Hamiim -

That quenches no thirst

But melts all it flows through

And alas,

He won't be gifted,

With slow and painful death

For he's now immortal.

Or his new home

May be in The Garden -

Whose weather

Is happiness

At its doorstep

He will bid farewell

To fear, thirst and hunger

Along with his ailments:

Resentment and sadness

Including their allies.

And his cup of greed

Will be filled with sea.

The strike before

Was by a timekeeper

Who stroke on him when

His time to choose was up.

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