Short Story (Part 1)

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A safe distance apart,The two men stared each other down. They were brothers. Brothers that had fallen out of love. Eight storeys high. They never imagined they'd have something to fight about. At least not there. Not where they were born.The victor would come down probably bruised. Probably battered. Probably half-dead...or probably dead  clasping the knowledge that he ruined the other forever.


"Boris, this wasn't part of the deal."

"Greco. Greco. Don't even speak of a deal. You betrayed me. You betrayed us. Years ago."Boris' addictions had made his voice a permanent snarl. It was a mirror of his person. Icy. Detached.

"I betrayed no one!" Greco growled. He had slowly learnt to speak again. Back when he lost half his tongue, he did speak. Yet no one understood. Except her.

"Greco. You betrayed me. Betrayed us. Betrayed the cause. You chose the girl and that cost us father."

"Father's death has nothing to do with this! He was a dead man walking." Greco countered.

"How dare you!" 

Boris flew into Greco. Cutting his cheek with a Savage elbow.

Greco was blown metres back into the stack of empty kegs. 

Boris walked up menacingly to his brother. 

"Not another word about father. You're not worthy of him."

Greco hauled himself off the ground. Blood oozing out of the cut. Leaning against the keg that dug into his delicate left rib.

"Father was bound to die. Payment for all the lives he destroyed." 

"And what about the ones he SAVED!?" Boris roared with a punt kick into Greco's belly.

"You owe him your life!"

The blast buckled Greco's quivering legs. The impact sent a spasm through his body. His insides had folded over within.

"GRECO! LOOK AT ME." Boris towered over him, and pushed his head with  taunting palm thrusts.

Greco said nothing in between grunts. Boris was always stronger, faster, sharper. Boris was always better.

"Look at me, Greco! Your daughter pointed this at me . You thought it could protect her? You thought this could stop me?"

Greco's eyes met the dangling crucifix. He looked higher and saw the devil that wasn't afraid of the cross.

Greco crunched his eyebrows. Defiant of the pain running through him.

"I came for them. I didn't come to fight you."

He voiced almost inaudibly, slowly picking himself off the ground. 

"It's not me you should be worried about, Greco."

Boris grinned, pointing to the crane on the next roof. 

"Buffoon! Boris! No movie. No book! No one ever ties the enemy's family to a crane on the other building!"  Greco snapped, clenching his fists though his legs were still jelly. 

"Oh wow! I always knew I'd invent something someday." Boris said, with traces his childhood sarcasm.

"Boris. Let go of Penelope's crucifix." 

"Thought you'd never ask."

 Boris dropped the crucifix and defaced it with the sole of his boots. Greco's eyes caught fire. He fought back tears. He felt powerless. His one true win in life at the mercy of his brother who had no traces of conscience left?

 Crushing the crucifix excited Boris. It didn't take long for the  ecstacy to vanish.  He took something from his pocket and tapped the red button...

"The crane goes down in ten minutes."

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It's the interesting story and I like it.

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