Humour |Part 1|

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PROMPT: Nick was watching tv when the news anchor said, “Nick you really shouldn’t be watching tv. You need to go talk to Carol right now. Call her.

||PART 1||

"Sure Hal Winston. I'll call her." Nick's tone was drenched with sarcasm.

The camera did a close up on Hal. With his signature smoulder, 

"Nick, it would be the best choice your fingers have made. Dial that number!"

"WHAT THE!? I'M GOING CRAZY!!" Nick screeched, turned off the TV and flung the remote into space.

Two more outbursts later, he sighed and dialed up her number. The only one he knew off-head.


"C...Carol." Nick started.

"Don't talk to me."

"Carol it wasn't my fault."

"Not your fault that you couldn't stand up for me?!"

"I couldn't stand up for you, trust me I tried."

"You disgust me! You tried? Sitting down and making weird faces?!"

"Carol... Someone glued me to my chair!"

"Someone? More like your fears glued you to the chair."

 "The guys legit put industrial glue in my chair."

Carol was silent.

"Carol You're there? I need to see you" Nick continued.

"Come over if you want."

"You're not going to push me down the stairs are you?"

"Tsk, I was thinking more of poisoning your glass of water."


She was waiting at the door. He shot up the stairs and took her hand.

"Carol, I love you. I'm sorry I watched them treat you like that. I could have said something. In fact, I should have. I really miss you, I want you back. I'd pick you over cheese any day. "

Carol's face melted. She moved her body closer to his. Reached out her supple palms and caressed his face like old times and...


"ARGH!" Nick yelled and dug his face into his left palm.

"Carol! That's your sign of forgiveness? Popping zits?"

Carol was thrown aback. First in  confusion. Then with apprehension.

"Forgiveness? You just show up at my house and think that's it?"

"Carol, I just gave the speech of my life saying how much you mean to me! I'd even pick you over CHEESE!" Nick scowled with bloodshot eyes and face still throbbing.

"You gave a speech? When?"

Nick cupped his mouth in disbelief.

"Carol, I literally poured out my heart just now!"

Still evidently lost, Carol continued.

"You were talking? Nope, didn't hear a thing."

"What?!" By now Nick's disappointment had replaced the pain that mangled his face earlier.

"How do you expect me to listen when your zit was threatening to stab me in the eye?' 

"You were looking at my zit?!" He shrieked...

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