Heart Felt

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3 years ago

Wish I can plug it out and wash

The sediment has been deposited like in rush

I think I shouldn't have loved you this much

My soul was touched by your pure heart

Give me the ticket to your heart

The code is all I need and a cubicle

Its not enough but sufficient to stabilize me, 

for the mean time

My soul is curried round yours 

Ticking and passing is hours 

Managing to cope without you

Every second of my breath, 

My heart significantly miss you 

Why have you been rejecting me? 

I can't help loving you, 

As much as I do now

Meeting you makes me believe all stars have aligned themselves 

In alliance with me

Why not give me a chance?

Its all required to prove my stance

I'm not sure a that title.

If I can get a better suggestion

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