Anticipation hogging my psyche! 

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3 years ago

Rendering me fear everything will go nasty 

I am enduring from perturbation,

The perception of wakefulness all through the twilight 

My sanity is full of undesirable notions 

I dismay of peril around me,

The perception of trepidation in every stride I take in vitality,

Moaning, whimpering I feel like deceasing,

I glimpse myself in the reflector, 

My physique is full of blotches,

My apparel is insulated with blood pigments! 

I perceive someone's dignity around me! 

I glance around here and there, 

With inflated essence rate, 

Now I am determined to resist against you! 

Compelling me ill mentally and physically,

I will strive to vanquish my apprehensions,

I know it's not susceptible, 

But I reckon I will beat over my uncertainties 

My intellect full of suicidal reflections 

But I no longer want to heed to my psyche 

My battle is still on, 

I know one day I will be triumphant! 

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