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Short Story


DAY 27

CONDITION: All the best

PROMPT: You are stopped by law enforcement on a not-so-traveled road. He claims that you were speeding and broke several other traffic laws. He can take you to jail and impound your car. But you can go free without a ticket if you perform oral sex on him. What do you do?

"WHAT!? You want me to go down on you? You ugly piece of..." 

"Offence. Number. Eight. Insulting a cop." He cut in with a rich smile on his face.

"No I can't believe this. Out here? What if someone sees?"

"Hey, lady. I've patrolled this place for TWO WHOLE MONTHS! You're the third person dumb enough to use this route." 

There was a cockiness about him that riled her. Her eyes were glued to the icky moustache his nose seemed to have pooped onto his face.

"Grrr. Offence three for you too. You just insulted a civilian. Asked for a sloppy on your D and gave me a near death experience with your breath."

"Lady, go down or let me pin a nice, little ticket on that bum of yours." 

"Pervert! First you want a sloppy, now it's my bum you're after? Ugh, you irritate me."

"Bum is short for bumper!" He countered.

"Wow, being out here sure messes with a person's head. Cops put tickets on bumper's now? You liar." 

The cop's hands descended to his bony waist. He eyed her not saying a word.

"What are you looking at?" She quizzed.

"A little princess pulling at the fangs of law enforcement. I'm writing you this ticket. Since that's how you want it."

Her tense eyebrows lost their fire. A ticket was the last thing she wanted. And jail?! How would father react? 

Mother. She'd go ahead and donate the car to the church.

"Mister. Let's not be rash." She said politely.

"Interesting. Something to discuss? ...A change of mind perhaps?" He snickered and twirled his ragged waist.

The sight was puke worthy but she managed to keep it down. By now, the cop's third leg was almost drilling a hole through his skin tight pants...

Molly sighed, and turned to her car. 

"Hey princess, not so fast." His voice had lost its ruggedness. Thoughts of pleasure had weakened his chords.

"Shut up." She fired back.

She leaned in through her window and reached for something. The suspicious cop's hand lingered around his taser for fear of the unknown.

She strutted back to him. Rolling her hips. Knocking his brain dead with fantasies. She looked him square in the eye, tying her dark flowy hair into a bun.

One step closer. Then another. One hand on his pulsing chest

and the other wandering lower...

She gave a firm squeeze. Masochistic ecstacy flooded his face. She felt him some more and warned,

"Mister...don't you dare blow up in my mouth."

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Hey princess, not so fast. Good article .

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