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4 months ago

Welcome back to my blog!...

Erm... uh huh ... nah ... don't! ... don't call me sentimental ... Call me humane!

The last time I remembered spending days with her was in early October this year. I had done all the necessary arrangements and completed the remaining project in school. It's been ages since I met her last so I decided to perch around before going home.

Precious my schoolmate in secondary school had a housemaid & houseboy (age ranges from 10-14) at home with her three children who were already spoiled with too much pampering and care.

Those children who were brought in as house help are from families who weren't privileged enough to give them a promising future. They were sent to stay with these rich folks in return for them to go to school and precious was in this criteria.

Funny enough, she doesn't train them in schools but rather bombards them with all house activities such as cleaning, sweeping, laundry, errand-running, cooking, and looking after her little kids who are so arrogant while her kids go to the wealthiest school.

I stayed with them over a few weeks and it was just like I should call their parents to see for themselves how their children are being treated cruelly, flogged consistently, and maltreated. I couldn't take all the pains inflicted on them, especially the girl who in this case suffered the most.

She wakes up very early in the morning by 4 am to prepare the kids for school and sleeps around 12 - 12:30 am the night after she must have done everything in the house, no table would be left unturned.

It's way too much for me to endure this honestly, so that week I had to go shopping for preshy and I told the house girl to accompany me. I chose to go with her because she is always indoors doing endless chores daily. Preshy (coined from her name) didn't agree to it despite being the usual weekend weekly shopping but I cared less about it although I made sure that we would be back sooner, after all, it's shopping both for her sake and mine.

We went to a shopping mall in Abuja and I took out a trolley to do some quick shopping. I pondered about getting some cashew nuts, popcorn, and chips but I did pick two bottles of cashew nuts. I also purchased some snacks like shortbread biscuits asf!

Leaving behind the list of items at home made us deliberate if what we are getting next is written on it.

After a while, both of us went to the cafeteria located inside the mall and I placed a plate of jollof rice, fried plantains, fried turkey, and asu (assorted meat) and for her jollof rice, fried plantain and fried turkey.

we moved toward a strawberry shelf and picked one along with almond nuts, we unboxed it and ate from it after paying for it.

We conversed while we walked around the grocery store and she told me about lots of mishaps that have befallen her...I asked about her mother and she said they haven't spoken for a while. I gave her words of advice and inspired her to be strong and she seemed happy having someone around to listen to her sad stories called up by my schoolmate "precious".

It was later on she told me that I made her day great and thanked me secretly for it.

What I don't understand is why would she maltreat her maid and give her less education and lesser love and poor unconditional support why her children gets all in it because she is not her own child.

All IMAGES are mine .... header image edited with Canva.

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4 months ago


Is this a true life story or fictional? If this is real, then you are the best human being to act and treat such a maid with all those. I really pity some underprivileged children who have been maltreated by some rich folks.

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4 months ago

It's real...she is married to a wealthy man and she doesn't allow both her maid and the boy to rest... everytime she always hit her with stick on her head so hard..and sometimes I pity her...the groceries we bought was for my friend precious with some of them that's mine.. I had to give the girl a good treat and told her to keep quiet about it

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4 months ago