The Dawn of Hope

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In a far away land of Camarines Sur, there was a beautiful lady named Jane. She has a charming look and beautiful heart that's why everybody in the town love her. Jane has a great ambition for her self and for her parents to live a prosperous life. She always helping her parents no matter what it takes. Jane is currently a college student of University of Saint Isabel, she is taking Bachelor of Science of Nursing.

She's always giving her hundred percent for her study that's why she never failed in every subject. She always read books of "The anatomy of human body ", and Scientology whenever she has a free time . Her parents was very proud of her dedication and hard work.

Every morning before she leave her parents, she's always helping her mother to bring the vegetables and fruits that they are selling to the market . And after that she will go directly to her school. When the school has a meeting of 3 o'clock , Jane never hesitate to go immediately to the market so that she can help her mother to sell vegetables and fruits. That's the everyday life of Jane and her parents.

The school will be having a prom and Jane was very excited that's why she talk about it with her mother and tell her to buy a beautiful dress and a pair of shoe. Her mother never hesitate to buy her what she requested and help her prepare for the prom. Her friends help her to curl her long smooth hair for the upcoming event.

The time comes ! They are ready now for the prom. Her father drives her to the school so that she will not be late. Everyone was full of joy and excitement at their face especially Jane. They enjoy the moment of their life as a teenager , they are dancing, eating, drinking, and singing. The prom starts 2 o'clock and it will end exactly 9 pm. It's already 5 o'clock when Jane received a call from unknown number but she did not notice it because the phone was in her bag.

After one hour Jane decided to go to the bath room to retouch her make up. She open her bag and notice the phone it has 10 missed call from unknown number!. She immediately call back the unknown number and it has a sad tone of unknown voice. She immediately go outside the school and look for a public transportation and headed to the hospital that the unknown number said to her.

Her father was hit by a track when his heading home after he drove her daughter to the school. Jane was very shock and she hug immediately his father and start crying but its too late because he was in coma now. Jane didn't know what to do , she call her mother and said that she need to be strong and have faith in God. Jane blame herself of what happened in her father, every night she was praying and crying hoping that one day her father will wake up and hug her tight .

Months goes by but still her father was still in a coma, they started to have a financial problem and there's no way she can graduate to college because of high tuition. Jane decided to talk with her mother .

She decided to go abroad at Saudi Arabia, but her mother was against to her plan. Her mother was worried for Jane if there was something wrong happen to her then there's no one they can ask for help. Her child was very determine to go to abroad because she want to help them out. Her mother can't do anything about her because of their situation so she talk to her child and said she will miss her.

They started to pack her things and go to the airport, You can see the sadness in their eyes , the tear that broke everyone's heart. Jane left the country to help her mother and father, she work as a maid at Saudi Arabia. She started to feel hopeless but there are no turning back now, she need to become strong and overcome the struggles come to her life for the sake of her parents.

Her job was not easy however she still manage to make it right . Every night before she sleep, she pray to God asking for strength and dedication to move forward everyday and help her father to overcome the situation and also give her mother strength and always guide her. Her life was full of suffer but she didn't make it as an excuse to forgot and hate the Lord instead she was very thankful because she know that it's just an obstacle that comes to her life, she know that it will make her stronger .

Jane's life in Saudi Arabia was great, she has an understanding and kind boss namely Shanawa and Ismael Abdul. She started to feel like she is belong to the family especially because of the two kids of Shanawa . The kids like Jane because of her personality . As the day goes by , Shanawa getting upset and mad towards Jane because she thinks that Jane is taking the place where she belong. She started to dislike Jane because of jealousy that she felt to her especially with the kids. She always shouted to Jane and she started to say bad words and throw any thing that she can touch when Jane is doing house choirs.

One day , Ismael and his two kids go for a walk at the mall and buy some groceries for the house. Jane and Shanawa was the only one left in the house, Shanawa make this as an opportunity to make Jane suffer. She treated Jane as a slave and force her to cut her beautiful hair until Shanawa can't get enough , she get a knife and cut Jane's hand . She also throw a boiling oil to her legs so that her legs will be ruin.

Jane was very afraid and couldn't do anything about it, she just endure it until Ismael came back but when the time that they are home Jane refuses to talk. Jane suffered a lot and barely able to walk, she started not to talk and eat.

Ismael got worried because Jane is her responsibility too. He find a way to make Jane talk but he failed so he decided to get some help from the doctor. Ismael leave the house and go to the private doctor for help. Then this was the opportunity again of Shanawa to threat again Jane, she go to her room and talk to Jane . She said that if she tell that she is the one behind it then she will not leave her alone, she will kill Jane.

Jane was very scared and she couldn't eat and sleep that makes her sick mentally and physically. Ismael help Jane and get to the doctor, he tried to talk to Jane but he failed again for the second time. He didn't know what to do with Jane so he decided to help her to get back to the Philippines.

With the help of Ismael , She is now in her mother again but she is very different now. You can tell that Jane is very depress because of her look. She is shaking and had a teary eye. Her mother didn't know what to do with Jane because his husband is still in coma. Her mother was really breaking down and couldn't speak but she has to be strong, she pray to God and ask for help.

Jane suffer from depression and his father was in coma. Her mother decided to go get some help from psychiatrist. The doctor said to her mother that Jane suffered from severe depression. The doctor gave Jane medicine to help her to fall asleep.

Months goes by and finally Jane got recover but there are some circumstances that Jane was unable to sleep even she drink her sleeping pill and she is also crying when she's alone. Her heart was too fragile. The fragile heart has already a marked of sadness and depression that cannot able to remove from her.

Her mother did not give up to her daughter and husband , she always pray hoping that one day when she wake up, her child will be happy again , walking bravely with confidence that she overcome the struggle comes to her life.

The time comes, his husband is declared as dead. Jane's mother was strong enough but this is not enough to make her to stand for a very long period. She need someone who can help her to add a strong foundation.

She look a round and realize that she has a daughter. She need to be very strong for her child. She pray to God asking for strength and power to move forward as the trees stand tall after the storm. Although it's very hard to move forward but we have to admit that in our life there are circumstances that we can't avoid. Life can be understood backward but we must live forward.

I will be posting the continuation of this story tomorrow. Thank you for reading!..

This story was based on true to life story of my mother and grandmother. My mother suffered from depression in real life and I wanted to tell the story on how she overcome this especially her mother my grandmother.

-ceddy lim-

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