One of the superstitious beliefs I know.

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1 year ago

Do you believe in superstitions?

Here in the Philippines, especially in the provinces, there are many superstitions, especially when there is a dead family member.

Last week my aunt passed away due to complications from her diabetes. She was taken to the hospital but she died not long after.

Her funeral wake is currently in their place, it's a bit far from us that's why I've only been there once. Her last night would be on September 3 this coming Saturday. The following day will be her funeral day.

My sister who was there today chatted us on our Group Chat that the candles were running out. Because according to superstition, a family member only needs to buy once until the dead was buried, the only options is that through donations, that's why they are looking for someone to give or donate a candles.

I don't really know the reason why it's not allowed to buy again but of course out of respect to elderly and our ancestors we just obey.

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