The Things We Say And Do For The People We Love (Vol.2)

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As Ingrid takes her seat at the far left corner of the classroom all by her lonesome, the group notices her demeanor as it gives a slight cause for alarm. Dr Gwen, who is clearly an expert in handling interventions notifies the group, "I'm afraid Ingrid is soon going into withdrawal. You might not think she's high right now but I assure you she is. Any minute now she will attempt to leave as her high is on its way out and you guys are the only thing standing between her and getting more drugs. She'll be a little irritable, tweaking, twitching and sweaty." They all take in the information and wait in silence and indeed, soon Ingrid appears right in front of them. She tells them to spit out what they have to say so she can be on her merry way. She sits down and says she doesn't have all day.

Dr Gwen informs Ingrid that everyone is going to take turns talking now and that they're all here to help her. She wants ingrid to keep that in mind. It's not about anyone judging her, Dr Gwen added. Ingrid laughs and says, "You clearly don't know these people like I do. So, who's talking first?" Sandra raises her hand and takes a seat next to Ingrid. Sandra asks Ingrid if she's okay, as Ingrid is sweating profusely and shaking her foot incessantly. "You're way too old to still be in school and you're still failing your classes, so you know, things could be worse for me," Ingrid replies. Harry tries to get Ingrid to calm down and take it easy with her words, but Sandra says it's okay. "I know, Ingrid. You're probably scared and just lashing out, so let it out, I can take it." Sandra addresses her. Ingrid is a little ticked off and she asks Sandra sarcastically, "Are you looking for an applause as usual?" Harry once again interferes, as he thinks it is not okay at all, contrary to what Sandra thinks. Ingrid yells at him, "You know that you're a sorry excuse of a man, right?! You absolutely irk me. I don't even know why I put up with you. I can't stand the sight of you. You should do everyone a favor, put us all out of our misery and disappear once and for all. At least that will give Sandra a reason to fall apart and drop out of school cause we all know there's no way she's ever graduating with that mess of a GPA she's got!" After a moment of deafening silence, Sandra and Harry look at each other and bursted into laughter. They start laughing so hard that they need to lie down on the floor. "Wow! You're very funny. That's hands down the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day. You are like a cornered, vicious, injured rabid dog, no offense!" Sandra says in between laughs. Laura asks if they are both okay as they both calmed down.

Ingrid is unphased by their outburst and asks if this is all there is. "A big intervention with screwed up people telling me how screwed up I am? I don't think I'm screwed up so, if you want to intervene, fine, because I can go all day" Dr Gwen then asks, "Can you? All day?" She tells Ingrid everyone here has agreed that she will no longer be enabled. "Enabled? What the h*** does that mean?" Ingrid questions. Genevieve answers, "You can't live with me anymore until you have gotten help. I will throw you out of the house, call your mother, your brother and your sisters, then I'll notify the school authorities and report you because I love you dearly, Ingrid, but I will not love you to death!" Ingrid is taken aback.

Laura suggests they all take a breather to process but Ingrid doesn't have that luxury as she is rapidly going into withdrawal. Ingrid asks, "You want me to listen to what you all have to say so I can be sober, right?" Laura answers, " Yes. Yes we do." Ingrid takes in the group seated closely together and says, "Okay, fine. I'll stay as long as you want me to if you get me some drugs. Just get it for me now and I'll listen and stay for as long as you want me to." Everyone was truly shocked and unabashedly dumbfounded as they try to comprehend such unbelievable request.

Ingrid is sitting patiently back at the far left corner of the classroom, heavily shaking and sweaty, with Dr Gwen watching her as the others deliberate amongst themselves.

To be continued...

For access to Volume 1, click the link below. You don't want to miss out.

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