The Things We Say And Do For The People We Love. (Vol 1).

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A group of friends; Genevieve, Anthony, Laura, Harry, Desmond, John, Sandra and Dean stages an intervention for a defensive and volatile Ingrid, who resurfaced after disappearing from school on a 12-day drug binge with her boyfriend, David. During this intervention, Ingrid mercilessly attacks her friends one-by-one, and Genevieve her best friend more like a sister, in particular, has trouble seeing her sister in her present condition.

So it begins...

Ingrid walks into the classroom and greets Harry, Desmond, Laura, John and Anthony. She was chugging on the can of coke she brought with her from the cafeteria as everyone watches silently. Anthony suddenly walks up to her and hugs her tightly. She doesn't get why though. Genevieve, Dean and Sandra come into the classroom. They all stare at her. She asks what's going on and Genevieve walks up to her and slaps her face. "What the h*** was that?" Ingrid asks. Sandra and Dean says they called everyone they could, her relations at home, went to the school clinic. And even her exes, Harry adds. Ingrid wants to know why as she is utterly perplexed. "Because, we all thought you were missing!" Genevieve yelled. Ingrid still doesn't get why, but Anthony tells her that no one has seen her. Desmond goes on to say that she missed exactly 12 days of school. John repeats it for emphasis. This shocks Ingrid too and Laura asks bluntly, "Are you high right now?" Ingrid feigns ignorance and stays silent.

Ingrid couldn't take the scrutiny anymore and she was about to leave, Genevieve blocks her path and asks if they could talk to her. "Who is we?" Ingrid asks and she notices a middle-aged woman walks into the classroom. Dr Gwen introduces herself as a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Ingrid asks why she's here. Dr Gwen addresses Ingrid saying, "Everyone present here today cares about you deeply and we all would like you to stay and listen to what we have to say." Ingrid realises that they're talking about an intervention and can't believe this. Ingrid throws a conniption fit and threatens to leave. Anthony assuages her and convinced her to stay and listen. Ingrid only agreed to doing that solely for the sake of their history together.

Ingrid still feeling uncomfortable and ill at ease perambulate around the classroom; Genevieve approaches Ingrid calmly and asks her to listen to what everyone has to say. Ingrid tells Genevieve, "I'm good, Genny. You've known me the longest. I spent most of my time in the library, studying my a** off in high school so now I'm here, I just wanted to have some fun. I know now that I made a mistake ghosting on everyone but I'm fine now, believe me." Ingrid thought Genevieve would get that. "Ingrid, trust me I do get it and I really want to believe you but you are an addict." Ingrid is taken aback by her utterance and bounces back by saying, "Oh yeah?! Look who's talking. You drink an ample lot, with every meal, you drink when you're happy, sad or miserable which let's face it that's everyday of your life! H*** you don't even need a reason to drink cause you're that pathetic. Should they do an intervention for your alcoholism?!" Ingrid yells as Genevieve walks back to her seat.

As soon as Desmond opens his mouth, Ingrid questions what he's even doing here as they barely relate with each other. He says, "I'm here because we all agreed we would be here for you. I don't think you get how lonely most people are. Most people go about their lives like transients in the world. They go to school, they come home and maybe they have friends but on any given day, they are not sharing, caring or giving as much as all of us present here give to each other on an average day. So, you're right! We barely relate with each other, but I know for a fact that you have a family here and I see that you're destroying it. If you continue down this path, you won't go down alone. You'll take all the people that loves you down with you." Desmond then walks back after Genevieve to see how she's holding up as Ingrid finally decides to go take a seat.

To be continued...

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Another classy...let me get my pop corn and drink ready

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