The Flight On Christmas Morning (V)

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"No, you're right. I like to be busy so that I don't really have to think about a lot of things. Not just romantic relationships but relationships in general. I suppose that I'm not very good at caring for other people" Alexis says. "Well, I doubt that's true." Elliot states. "How can you say that when you barely know me?" Alexis asks, genuinely curious. "You bought me a drink earlier because you noticed that I was uncomfortable with flying. That's hardly a trait of someone who is not very good at caring for anyone but herself." Elliot answer. Alexis smiles. "Touché."

"Anyway, that's probably just something you tell yourself to justify the fact that you don't like to go on dates." Elliot adds. Alexis smiles. "Did my parents pay you to take this flight and sit in the same row, just so you could have this conversation with me? Because I feel as though this is starting to sound all too familiar." Elliot frowns. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to overstep..." "It's fine." Alexis says sweetly. "I'm only kidding. And I don't know why but it sounds a whole lot nicer coming from you than it does from my family." "Well, I just think that you're probably selling yourself short, that's all." Elliot says with a smile. Alexis smiles gracefully. "I think that your friend Nadine is going to have a difficult time finding someone that is more of a flatterer than you are." "Oh, for sure." Elliot says with a wink and a nod.

They spend the rest of the flight chatting a little here and there, but Alexis eventually has to turn her concentration back towards her computer and her work emails while Elliot goes back to his magazine. Elliot has almost completely forgotten about how much he hates flying when the captain announces that they are going to start their descent into the area. Elliot immediately tenses and slowly put this magazine back into the seat pocket in front of him. He checks his seat belt and once he finds that it is secure, he wraps his hands onto the armrest, gripping them tightly. He closes his eyes and starts to count his breaths however, before he gets to his third deep breath, he feels a hand on top of his. Alexis smiles when Elliot turns towards her and open his eyes. She is not sure if what she sees is doubt or gratitude, but she pulls Elliot's hand slowly off of the armrest and intertwines their fingers giving it a squeeze. Elliot finally relaxes and lays his head back on the headrest.

Once the plane lands, Elliot lets out a sigh of relief and looks over at Alexis who is already looking at him. He smiles. "Thank you." He says gratefully. Alexis returns his smile. "You're welcome." They sit in silence as the plane taxis up to the gate. Neither of them even realises that they are still holding hands until the plane comes to a full stop and the seat belt light is turned off. Alexis is first to recognize it and slowly releases Elliot's hand. She clears her throat awkwardly. "I should get my carry-on." She stands up and pulls out the overhead compartment pulling her luggage out. "Do you have anything up here?" She asks Elliot. Elliot just nods because he cannot seem to find his voice. When he's able to to speak again, his voice is hoarse and quiet. "It's the gray duffel" He says. Alexis reaches for the only gray duffel in the compartment and hands it over to Elliot. Elliot smiles in acknowledgement. He opens his mouth to speak again but before he can, it is their turn to exit and when Alexis turns to walk towards the front of the plane, he follows her.

Once they were finally off of the plane and in the terminal, Elliot feels much better. He blinks a few feet away staring back at him. He smiles and walks over to her. "Hey, thanks again. I'm sort of really glad that I won't be flying back anytime soon. That was really rough." Alexis bites the inside of her cheek hesitantly. She realises that she would really like to see Elliot again and considers asking him if that would be a possibility. But ultimately, she decides against it. "Well... I--"

"Can I see you again?" Elliot blurts out suddenly. Alexis beams suddenly very glad that Elliot is more courageous than she is. She reaches inside her purse and pulls out a business card holder. She takes one of the cards out and hands it to Elliot. "I would like that a lot. Both my email and phone number are on there." Elliot smiles widely. "Thanks. Merry Christmas, Alexis." "Merry Christmas, Elliot." Alexis smiles again and before Elliot has a chance to respond, she walks into the crowd of people. When Alexis is no longer in sight, Elliot looks down at the card. Alexis Williams, Chief Executive Officer. His eyes widen in surprise. "Damn..." He says to himself as he chuckles. Then he tucks the card into a pocket in the side of his bag, careful not to loose it, and pulls out his phone so that he can call for a ride home.


Food for thought: Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

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