The Flight On Christmas Morning (IV)

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"Oh?" Alexis says. Elliot continues talking nervously, unable to stop himself. "I just mean that you're obviously beautiful and awfully intelligent. There's no way that you will become an old maid." Alexis smiles devilishly. "Obviously beautiful, huh?" Elliot looks down at his glass as he stammers helplessly. "I, uh... I mean..." Alexis frowns when she sees Elliot's reaction and leans over closer, reaching out for him. She touches Elliot's forearm lightly hoping to convey the sincerity in her words. "I'm sorry. I was only teasing. I really appreciate the compliment, I do. It is very sweet of you to say that."

Elliot looks up again and smiles shyly still unable to find any words, this time due to their proximity to one another. Alexis pulls away when she realizes that she is in his space. "Anyway, it's really the fact that I'm not actively looking for a relationship that makes my family nervous. They don't really understand how I could possibly enjoy being alone." Alexis says as she takes a drink of her wine. "But, let's stop talking about me. Why are you traveling on the holiday?"

Elliot frowns. "It's kind of a long story." Alexis looks down at her watch turning it towards Elliot. "It looks like we still have a few hours before we land." She says with a cheeky smile. Elliot laughs. "I was helping a friend get settled into her new apartment. She moved away last weekend and I flew up to help her with a few things." Alexis squints her eyes at Elliot. "Why do I get the feeling that isn't the whole story." Elliot chuckles and finishes his bourbon and sprite in one large gulp. "She's my ex-girlfriend. The friend I helped. She moved a while ago when we started dating and she decided that she wanted to move away when we broke up." Alexis frowns. "Well, that's very kind of you. I can't imagine that was an easy task for you." Elliot shrugs. "It is what it is. I mean, I kinda knew it wasn't going to work out. I am the first guy that she has been in a relationship with so it wasn't exactly surprising to hear that she wanted more for herself and be with other people."

"So if you knew that it wasn't going to work out, why didn't you end it first?" Alexis asks. "That's easy. I was so in love with her." Elliot says confidently. Alexis hums at Elliot's response. "Do you miss her?" Alexis asks. "Well, I just saw her a few hours ago." Elliot says. Alexis rolls her eyes. "You know what I mean, Elliot." Elliot laughs. "Sure I do. But in a way, my helping her out was a much-needed closure. I think that I can just let the whole thing go now, ya know?" Alexis nods.

"Anyway , it's my turn to ask questions. Do you really enjoy being alone? Don't you get lonely?" Elliot asks. Alexis shrugs. "Yes. Of course, I get lonely. But, that never really lingers. I work a lot and don't have much free time." Before Elliot has a chance to say anything, the flight attendant is by them collecting their plastic cups and trash. Elliot hands his over and waits for Alexis to do the same before he speaks up. "So, do you think that you don't have time to date because you work a lot or, do you work a lot so that you won't have much time for dating?" Alexis smirks, "This conversation is getting a bit psychological, don't you think?" Elliot shrugs. "You don't have to answer me. I just wanted to put that out there. I used to spend a lot of time keeping myself busy. Now, I kinda understand the psychology behind why I did it, so, I just thought that I'd ask."

To Be Continued...

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