The Encounter: A Night To Surely Never Forget V

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Although his hands remained around the neck of the empty bottle, he slowly began to smile at me. Keeping my hand elevated towards him, I returned the smile. "Jac?"

His voice had grown so soft that I failed to hear him speak, but I was able to read my name on his lips. "Yes?"

"There's a shooting star." He pointed an index finger towards the starry night. "Make a good wish."

Immediately looked upward, I searched for the elusive star for what felt like a total of three seconds or longer, almost giving up. "Must have been too fa..." The sound of glass shattering caught my attention and once again that night Ramsey robbed me of the ability to breathe.

For a second, I thought he was gone. I thought I lost him. I thought I was never going to see him again. I was rooted in that same spot, eyes closed, afraid to open my eyes to see my thoughts realised, afraid to move, my head spiralling out of control and I was about ready to collapse and break down until, I felt him. He wrapped his strong but shaking arms around me from behind, his head resting steadily on my shoulders as he held on tightly to me, never letting go. Suddenly, I was overcome with immense relief and I allowed myself to breathe and relax in his embrace.

"Stay," I was softly instructed, body tingling immediately after hearing that welcomed voice.

"Where?" I wanted to turn my head to face him, but his grip on me was so tight, almost as if I was his oxygen, his source of life, his reason for living.

"Here," that voice replied with faint amusement.

"Where is here?" Almost in slow motion, my tongue peeked between my lips to moisten them. What I wouldn't have given for a glass of water at this moment.

"Here is with me. Hopefully, in your heart. Maybe...okay, I don't deserve to be there, but I want to so very much."

Following a few seconds of silence, I was able to release myself from his embrace long enough to turn around and face him. Several seconds later, I successfully stared into a pair of hazel eyes. A tiny smile found my lips. "Hi, you."

He returned the smile, index finger stroking the outline of my mouth. "Hey yourself. How are you?"

How was I? I suppose to, I was...well... I didn't actually know how to answer. Shrugging, I shifted closer to him. Eyes beginning to well with tears, I rested my hands on his side, fingers stroking. He felt so right, so real. "I miss you," I whispered. "Funny that before tonight I hadn't seen you in a decade, but I miss you so damn much, Ramsey. You gave me quite a scare tonight, gave me more than one actually. Why did you not do it? Why did you decide not to give up?"

His tears fell before mine. "I'm sorry. I'm here now. I'm right here, and I don't have any plans to try leaving again. This time, I'm going to do right by you. I'm going to get the help that I need and I'm going to start living my life as I so choose. I choose you. Just don't leave. Please, Jacqueline. I need you. I just need you."

I embraced him tightly, his mouth nuzzling on top of my head. Tears dampened his shirt as I soothingly rubbed the length of his back. "Everything is going to be all right, Ramsey." I whispered. " You're not alone. I'm here for you, with you. Always. I'm not going anywhere, my love."


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