The Encounter: A Night To Surely Never Forget II

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"Beautiful night, isn't it?" I found myself saying, hoping that the sudden voice wouldn't frighten him, causing him to fall because of me. He neither moved nor spoke. With a sigh, I walked up to the ledge, resting my arms on it. Adopting a casual expression, I looked up at the familiar face. Hazel eyes stared at me, momentarily stealing my breath away until I remember that he was on the top of my sh*t list. But that didn't mean that I was going to turn my back on him. It was obvious that he needed help. "Ramsey Coker, right?" I intentionally tried to keep my voice soft and calm. "In high school, people would call you RC." He didn't answer, but I knew it was him. I couldn't forget that face. Despite holding the number one spot on my list, I had to admit that Ramsey was handsome. Time has been kind to him. Although he looked dismayed, he was even more handsome at 27.

"So how are you?" He looked at me like I was crazy. Funny considering he was the one threatening to jump. Not telling me how he was, Ramsey refocused ahead as he brought the bottle towards his lips and drank. I asked if I could have a sip and was surprised when he thrust the bottle out to me. Accepting it, I took one small drink, the strong alcohol burning my throat as it slid down.

"Jacqueline Davis" he stated, his eyes on me again. I gave him the alcohol back while nodding. "I remember you, treated you like sh*t, didn't I?" Based on the way he said it, I realised that he wasn't looking for verification. Treating me like sh*t was the reason he was at the top of my appropriately named list, but I thought it best not to confirm. I mean the man was already on the edge-- literally and figuratively. I shrugged. "Well, that was ten years ago. We were kids." It wasn't really that simple. I just wanted him to step away from the ledge, so I chose to make light of it. He kept staring at me. "Seventeen is old enough to know better so that's no excuse.


It was a Friday night, but I opted to stay home despite my friends practically begging me to go out with them but all I wanted to do was sulk in my room and be blue. Lying on my bed, I read a book for English class. I had just turned to the fourth chapter when I got a text. Brows furrowed, I place the book back on the bed, and viewed the notification. I groaned when I read the message knowing it was from him and asking to meet up at our usual spot just a stone throw from my house. Though it was dark, the moonlight offered enough illumination for me to walk there. I folded my arms asking why he wanted to meet up.

He shoved his hands into his pants pocket. "I need to speak with you. Can we please sit and talk?"

"Have you taken a narcotic lately, Ramsey?"

"No. Why?"

"Because you must be high off your a** if you think I'm going to sit and talk with you like nothing happened"

"Jac, please"

"I thought I informed you not to call me that?"

"Okay, Jacqueline, please let me explain."

"What's there to explain? You're a coward." Pain plainly written across his face, I had to avert my eyes. "I can't comprehend what there is to say. You got what you wanted, and then you tossed me out like yesterday's garbage. You also allowed your friends to treat me like sh*t and on top of that, I saw you with her. She was all over you!" I paused rubbing the heel of my hand in the space between my eyes. "Just leave me alone, Ramsey"

"I can't."

"Because I love y--"

"Don't!" He moved closer towards me, I spotted his glossy eyes. Telling myself I wasn't affected my them, I sighed, running a hand at the back of my neck.

"Ramsey, please stop, and don't you dare tell me that you love me, you wouldn't have treated me like I had the plague the moment we returned to school. I'm the one who should be crying. The summer break we spent together was the very best of my life. I loved you, I felt loved by you and I gave myself to you only to be treated like trash. Your friends are a**es, but you stabbed me in the back, and my heart, and I hate you for it."

Quickly shaking his head, Ramsey reached for me only to have his hands slapped away. "Jacqueline, please don't say you hate me. You don't have to love me back, but don't say you hate me. I love you, Jacqueline. I didn't know I was capable of loving anyone until I met you, and I'm sorry. I know I'm a coward, but please... I need you."

Blinking away tears, "What? How? In private? I'm not going to be your hidden girl. You want to be on the down low? Then you do it with someone else like her! I deserve better."

Wordlessly staring at me, a loud breath expelled. "You are right. You do deserve better." As he walked away, I watched him retreating back. Once he left, I collapsed on to the ground, feet planted on the floor, arms around my legs. Those were the last words he said to me until the day we graduated. I hope you have a blessed and happy life, Jacqueline.

"Hey, Ramsey?" He waited until he drained most of the alcohol before responding. "Yes, Jacqueline?" "Is there a particular reason why you're standing so close to the edge of the roof? Kind of dangerous, don't you think?" I wished that I brought my phone so that I could call someone for help. Unfortunately, it was in the hotel room.

"Oh, that's an easy question," he stated matter-of-factly. "I was planning to jump."

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