Do ghost really exist?

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Have you ever encounter or seen a ghost? If not, would you like to? If yes, how do they look? Do they look like a human being? Are they creepy? Where did you saw it? Many questions and ideas are popping up in our head whenever we hear the word ghost.

Many people are interested of ghost. Are you one of them? Cultures all over the world believe in spirits that survive death will live in another area. Ancients are the one who introduced to us the idea that dead remain with us in spirit.

Ghost are defined as the soul of a dead person thought of as appearing to living people. Some people believe that ghost are spirits of dead who, for whatever reason, get lost on their way to the other side of the world. Some people says that ghost are spirits of those deaths who has incomplete missions.

They say, you can see ghost anywhere - schools, roads, houses, rooms, parks and even in churches. Today, I am about to share a story that took place in our school. I will not mention the name of our school, for respect to its confidentiality.

Our school was established long time ago, that means it is quite old building. It has a five floor stories with plenty of rooms. In the second floor of the building, on the last corner of the corridor, you will find the Suite Room. The suite room serve as practice room for those students who are taking hotel and management course. Its walls are white, ceiling is high and floor is clean. Upon opening the door, you will find a table and chairs, a mini kitchen filled with a little kitchen utensils, one comfort room and two simple bed rooms. It seems very comfortable place to stay, but there is a horrifying stories behind this room.

There are rumors that there is ghost in Suite room. Some students and teachers believed that there is really a ghost in the said room. Some says it is a white lady, some says it a guy and some says it is a kid.

According to one of our instructor, she is experiencing a weird feeling every time she is going in the suite room. It never fails to give her goose-bump every time she is in there. She shared the story that she had experienced twice, after a tons of work, she felt that she needs to use the comfort room and decided to use the comfort room in the suite room. When she is about to bring-down her skirt, she heard a guy whistled, she immediately felt scared because she didn’t see anybody in there so she practically flew out of the room.

Another story from students, they admitted that they experienced many times the extraordinary things in the said room. One time, while they are are unwinding, they hear some footsteps inside the suite room but they found out that no one is there. Second time, one of the students is taking some selfies and afterwards, she put her mobile phone on the table. Suddenly, the camera of her mobile phone continue clicking some picture by itself. Third time, they are about to do their project but they heard some bounce of ball inside room. They tried to ignore it, but it is getting creepier and creepier that’s why they run out of the room and scream in fright.

Even when you are just to passing by in that room, there are also some chances that you might hear creepy noise inside the room like throwing objects and you might also see the rumored ghost looking between the doors.

According to, bible says that ghost are real, but they are not spirit of dead human. They are fallen angels trying to deceive us. It is in the bible, 1 John 4:14, King of James Version. “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirit, whether they are of God… You are of God, little children, you have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

We do not have to be afraid of Satan and his impersonations of the living and dead (ghost), as long as we give our whole hearts to Jesus and obey Him by faith: He will guide and protect us.

However, not everyone believe in the ghost, especially those people who are fan of science. Are you curious about what the scientist says about the ghost?

Here are some famous people who has a comment about ghost:

John Ferrier, a physician, says that sighting of ghost are the result of optical illusions.

Alexandre Jacques, a french physician, says that sighting of ghost are hallucinations.

Joel Nickell of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry wrote that there was no credible scientific evidence that any location was inhabited by spirits of dead.

According to, limitations of human perception and ordinary physical explanations can account for ghost sightings: for example, air pressure changes in home causing slam doors shut or lights from a passing car reflected through a window at night might thought for a ghost figure.

It is indeed mysterious, isn’t it? What do you think about this rumor in suite room? It is true or fake? The choice is yours.

Just always remember what Ryan Eigenmaan said on his TV show Misteryo, there are some things that are inexplicable, that’s why we should not believe in rumor stories, you need to prove it by yourself. Open your eyes, sharpen you hearing and enhance your mind because the world is full of mysteries.

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certainly the world is full of mysteries, not only ghosts exist, demons and angels also exist, it is the eternal struggle between good and evil. Surely your school is true, ghost legends are very common in ancient schools.

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1 year ago

In this world when human died, there are three parts of him that will separate. First one is his body which will be buried and turn into dust just like what it was used before then the the soul that will go in purgatory to judge if it was belong to heaven or he'll then the last one is spirit which was owned by nature. It means that spirits of the dead people are freely roaming around not until it was deceived by demons, devils are using those spirits as a tool to spread horrors that's why if we saw our deceased loved once, it's not them but demons who wants to harm us.

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1 year ago