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Loving our family is important

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3 months ago
Topics: Love, Reality, Learning

The love and care of your family are essential for your overall physical and emotional health. Blood is thicker than water, and your family supports you like no one else possibly could.

There are those among us who aren’t fortunate enough to have family or whose family isn’t part of their lives. It is a difficult thing to accept since most people have a family unit on which they rely for support and love. But that doesn’t mean you need to be alone and adrift in the world. Family isn’t always a biological connection. Instead, it’s a strong bond forged in trust and love. 

Why is your family’s love so important to you? 

  1. They know you like no other

The bond between family members is related to the fact that you’ve known your family for your whole life. They’ve seen you at your best and your worst. 

Your family has been with you during the bad times like a breakup, a loss, and an illness. They’ve watched you struggle with difficult situations such as challenges at work or infertility that results in the need for IVF treatment. They’ve seen you when you’ve triumphed at work, at school, and in your personal life. 

No one knows your personality and what makes you tick better than your family. They understand your quirks and how you approach life. This is something that you can only learn about someone over a long period. That’s why your family members know you better than anyone else. 

  1. They love you unconditionally

Your family will love you no matter what happens in your life. Others might reject you because you do something wrong, but your family won’t turn their backs on you. 

It takes a lot for a family to cut off contact with a relative. Most people support family members when no one else will. 

Your family has taught you your values as you were growing up. These are shared values, which makes it easy for you to identify with them. 

  1. Family makes you feel safe

From the time you were born, your family gave you a sense of security in a big and often confusing world. They were your haven and offered you comfort when you were feeling overwhelmed. 

Routine and discipline make children feel safe. These were fostered at your home, and they provide the structure for how you’re going to live your life as an adult. 

Your family is where you go when you’ve hit rock bottom, and you have no one else to turn to in your time of need. Most people know that if they go to their family and tell them their problems, their family will create a safe space for them to confront the issue. Parents raise their children to come home when something has gone wrong, instead of relying on the help of outsiders. 

How does this familial bond contribute to your well-being? 

The world is a stressful place. This is made worse when you don’t have a family support system to rely on when things get complicated. Your well-being is negatively affected if you have to go through your troubles alone. 

Acceptance and a sense of belonging are critical emotional needs among humans. It is essential for them to have someone unconditional in their love and with whom they can identify. A lack of acceptance can lead to mental health issues, such as personality disorders and depression. 

Your family satisfies your need for support and love. Without them, life would be lonely and a little bit boring. Having a family structure anchors you while at the same time allowing you to fly high.

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Written by   4
3 months ago
Topics: Love, Reality, Learning
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