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The future of MONEY

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1 year ago

We have come a long way if we're to talk about money. Since ancient times and up to present, money helps ease and solves transactions for all our necessities, from food, clothing, shelter, gadgets and even travel lifestyles.

So in this article I'm going to tackle about the evolution of money now that the world is preparing to adopt the latest idea and concept of it in present times, so without any detour and magic words, let's strike it while it's hot.

EVOLUTION - Stages of Money

As of the moment, there are four (4) stages of money's evolution but the same role of purpose. Money maybe Evil to some, but we all can't argue of it's usage and importance to our everyday's indispensable necessities; in order to buy, to gain or to survive and continue living the GOD-given LIFE we are all embracing.

Four stages of Money

  • Barter

  • Precious Metal

  • Fiat

  • Cryptocurrency

BARTER - the father of the concept, before we have this so called money today, our ancestor's rely on this concept to trade their goods in exchange for other goods and services. Ancient people usually gathered in crowded places like ports, churches,town halls or any crowded places they like and felt that the demands of their goods are high in that places; or as of the present we have this so called markets.

PRECIOUS METALS - ancient humans begun using this precious metals in 5000 BC and has been long loved by many up to now. From Gold to Bronze, humans mastered some variety and range of usage for precious metals; from jewelries to utensils and now even gadgets and handy weapons which gives this concept more value up to present.

FIAT - (physical money)this concept comes in when BANKS where born, it's like a sibling of BANK. That's soo good to be true, but in reality it is just a government issued printed paper with verdict of power an law. This is where when conflict begins and it divides humans per country. Fiat was first used and adopt by China in 11th century and was popularized in the 20th century US President Nixon(1975).

CRYPTOCURRENCY - (electronic money) this is the latest concept as the world today adopts to technology. First launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto with a concept of direct transferring of money without going to banks or any money remittances center. Crypto users are growing rapidly each day and was very useful during this unprecedented times where in people all over the world rely online due to lockdowns.

I don't go very detailed on every stages but my next articles would be more about Cryptocurrency and its adoption in the near future.

To GOD be the glory!!! God bless us all.!!!

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Written by   177
1 year ago
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