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Life is not a destination, it's a journey: Be free like a bird."

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2 months ago
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The life we are currently enjoying is the most precious gift humans have received from our heavenly father up above. As precious as it is, our parent's tried their best to guide and to show us the right paths to walk and follow for our brigther and better future. We all know that this is all easy said than done, and that's the truth to it, because in reality the world ain't even perfect either and in some points in our lives no matter how we planned it, there are still situations along the journey that doesn't go the way we plan and wanted it to be.

So in this new article of mine, I'll be writing ten (10) ideas that I think would impact hugely in planning your life once you felt like your being stuck or doomed with bad vibes and negativity.

Note: I myself ain't an expert in this but I'm writing this with my own life experiences.

My ten to do list when I feel stuck in life:

  • Reflect: Take a step back

  • Progress: Write your accomplishments

  • Re-evaluate: Your overall path

  • Setting: New goals

  • Learn: Every single day

  • Be a Listener: Seek advice to smarter people

  • Honesty: Be honest with yourself

  • Stop: Overthinking

  • Patience: Trust the nature of the Journey

  • Strengthen: The Roots

Reflect: Take a step back

First and foremost, when you feel like everything stops and your stuck wherever you are at a certain moment in life make sure to take a step back away from the cause or just calm down and re-focus yourself again.

If you are employed full-time and having the said issue of feeling stagnant or facing a wall in front of you, then without a second thought file that vocation leave your benefitting from your employer. Make sure to take your mental health as a priority before anything else, especially in this unprecedented times we are currently experiencing with, can't afford to get sick. So make it a habit, ourselves is our top priority.

Then if you do so, try to reflect what is currently going on with your life and what are the main cause or reason of it why you feel stagnant at some point and then make adjustments.

Progress: Write your accomplishments

For the second, write down all your accomplishments as of the present, even the smallest type of achievements can be a vital point or step in achieving the big one's. Then, let's put it this way after writing it all down to the test of progress, give it a grade, and if your inner self will be satisfied with it, it is still in you and you alone can decide to either continue what you've started varying from your progress or decide to change the course and make a quick turnaround before it's too late.

Re-evaluate: Your overall path

Third, re-evaluate the path you have taken, is it the way you still wanting it to be or are you still enjoying the journey of taking the path you've chosen and if not, maybe it's about time to conclude and think of it again and again. Finding our inner wants and balancing it with our needs and inner peace isn't an overnight thing that comes-up in the morning, it is a long test of how strong your heart and mind is. Hope and pray that when your in this type of situation, you'll be enlightened by the genuine heart of yours and a brilliant mind that only seeks happiness and freedom in life.

Setting: New goals

Fourth, owing from the upper action taken, this time is to set new goals and add a back up plan''s in case "Plan A" doesn't work the way we planned it to be. There's a famous saying that goes "if plan A doesn't work for you, keep calm and don't worry, alphabets has 25 more letters left to pursue" but I just can't remember who's line is that (my bad). It is in this best situation to start brainstorming and add a new pin or another plan to our already long list of sleeping archives goals and dreams for a brighter and happier you in the near future.

Learn: Every single day

Next up for fifth is a really challenging thing or habit to have for me in which I really did try to do so up until now, that try to nortured and nourish your mind and soul with knowledge and skills. It doesn't matter in any type or way as long as you're learning each and every day for our own good and benefits. There's this famous line in medicine practices that goes "an apple a day, keeps the doctors away" which is very on point for healthy living and has a learning into it in some essence with regards to self growth. We always bump with the idea of "read a book everyday" but that doesn't mean you have to literally, what I did was the concept of the church or in a bible study thingy in which you only have to read a single bible verse or two per day, a single quotes, a single saying or motivational video a day is enough for our brain to be nortured and nourish and again, learning is a long repetitive process, without implementing it to ourselves, what we read, viewed and learned is useless if we can't add it to our personal growth and skills set.

Be a Listener: Seek advice to smarter people

Sixth is, forget the egos, be humble enough to admit that we're not knowledgeable in all things nor expert in all other stuffs, there is always a thing or two that other people know about it and we can't. It's in this moments to seek advices from the experienced and smarter people on the specific matter you want to be knowledgeable of and make sure to run only to those you can feel comfortable too. Bare in mind that admitting one's weakness is a strength in all essence.

Honesty: Be honest with yourself

Seventh is all about knowing one's strengths and weaknesses by being genuinely true to ourselves. No other extra drama's, just being true to ourself is already enough and in that way, we can easily leave our lives with nothing to worry about and can simply walk in the streets without looking out back confidently. Honesty can easily be learn by anyone but just a reminder that many failed to achieved this and falls to call of our modern society, be honest but never forget to guard yourself from the wannabes, cleverness is still the best defense when it comes to heart and brain matters.

Stop: Overthinking

Eight, an unending number, also represent infinity and luck in business but can also be an unending war of positive and negative thoughts. Don't get fooled by our own consciousness. It only lives in our brains, the more we overthink things and situations the ore it feels harder and harder, so drop this habit of overthinking, it kills the warrior inside of us. Don't be a worrier, be the hero for yourself that you are long been idolizing with and save yourself from all the bad luck's you'll face in the future.

Patience: Trust the nature of the Journey

Ninth is the last and biggest in the family of lone numbers and so does your patience must be. Don't be to quick and eager in anything, cause we all know how hard and complex reaching and conquering our goals and dreams in life. Wherever you are right now, what you've done and achieved is always the best in our heavenly father's timeframe. Be patient to your growth and appreciate every inch of it, cause when the right time come and you made yourself proud, you'll surely look back and thank yourself for doing so. The journey of life has it's own nature, and make sure your patience is strong and firm with unending flexibility, then for sure you'll see yourself overcomes all types of struggles. Patience is always, and will be forever the best key to anything.

Strengthen: The Roots

Lastly for the tenth, that support system that God has gifted us from the start, our family, especially our parents and sibling, never ever forget them, make them your "Ace card" always, and part in everything we do, for what is life without our parents. Fundamentals in life are vital to our successes and if we're going to neglect and leave them behind for our own good, then it's not good for me. So before you succeed in life, make sure you fasten your family's seatbelts in your train ride to success.

Final thoughts

Moreover for the final thought of this article is understanding that "Life is not a destination, it's a journey: be free like a bird", because no matter how hard or long we planned and prepared ourselves for the future, there are always times in our lives that the Lord up above will test us, and in those moments some will break us and humbles us in the long run and will remind us that in reality, happiness, struggles, pain and sufferings are part of the journey and what you need to do is to have that firm faith in God and the courage to spread that wings of yours and fly as free as the bird in the unending skies.

July 23, 2021 - 6:19 PM

That's it for now guys, happy seeing you reach this far, see you on the next one, love and peace:

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Written by   105
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Experiences, Blog, Story, ...
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Good tips. I'll try to remember those, Carewind!

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2 months ago

Glad you like it @Bloghound, just being real on that one,

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2 months ago

I did, Carewind and you're welcome :)

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2 months ago

I bleed my brain just for this my friend, im so happy someone appreciate it. Hehe

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