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Will Zoro kill Kaido?

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2 months ago

Roronoa Zoro is a character created by Eichiro Oda the author of One Piece.

Very strong, badass, someone you Can count on. His dream is to become the strongest Swordsman in the world, a title possessed by Dracule Mihawk. Zoro was first a bounty hunter become becoming a pirate after joining his captain Monkey D Luffy in his adventure.

Zoro has many Epic attacks and it's very hard to take on him if you aren't very strong yourself. His strength is easily comparable to his captain and he has many Time-proven himself to be a very powerful character.

After the Time skip, Zoro becomes even stronger and easily defeated all his Opponents, even keeping his own against an Admiral, in the current arc, Zoro is described as an Oni exterminator. Zoro was not only able to protect the captain trio from a combo of two Yonko but Even managed to scare Kaido with his own attack.

Now, After beating Kaidos strongest subordinate and right-hand man King the Wildfire, Zoro has been in a comatose state which makes much doubt that he will have any other action in this arc.

First, I want to remind you all that Zoro has yet to forge a black blade, so as long this doesn't happen he isn't definitely out. And by the Time Zoro achieve this feat, he will be UP there with his own captain and among the very strongest in thé story.

Second, there is many plots that surround Zoro in this arc, one being his relationship with the Shimotsuki and Ryuma who killed a dragon above the Flower capital.

And what is happening right now? Ah yes, Onigashima is heading to Flower capital. With who? A dragon. So there is definitely something being set UP for Zoro by Oda before the end of Wano even with his current situation.

If you still are not convinced, there is the fact Kaido himself wanted to die, and his introduction was literally about him being unkillable. The samouraïs , Oden all wanted to Kaido's head and failled. Then you have Yasui who repeats to Zoro that no 0ne was able to take kaido's head for 20 Years.

All this with Zoro himself promising earlier that he has Come to Wano to get rid of Kaido.

So taking all this into account, I won't say it's 100% possible but the possibility is definitely there.

Regardless of this, I am on the other hand fully convinced that Zoro is doing something again. Zoro will leave Wano as the strongest Samouraï and this will be a perfect setup for his rematch with Mihawk who will be amazed by his accomplishment.

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Written by   2
2 months ago
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