What make One Piece so Epic?

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1 year ago

As someone who loves to watch the show, I say there are many things that make One Piece epic.

the emotion

If you watched Arlong Park and Allabastar then there is no way you won't go through a lot of emotional waves in those arcs.

Nami's backstory and how she was forced to work for Arlong the man who killed her adoptive mother and ruined her home was very touching. everything about that arc was amazing, how Zoro never stopped to believe in Nami even after she returned to Arlong and then Luffy's promise to Nami to stop the nightmare and the way he not only destroyed Arlong but the place that symbolize her suffering.

the comedy

If you are looking to laugh non-stop, One Piece has many gags moment that is pur comedian. Especially the triller Bark arc. That is peak gags at his fullest. You might have to make some popcorn to fully enjoy it at his best.

the top tier is no joke

In other manga, the top tier usually is no were near equal, but in one piece the top tier is around the same level. Not to say they are hard to put down So hard that even after 1000 chapters the first top tier to be really confronted by straw hat Luffy, Kaido of the hundred beasts is still up and Kicking.

another thing I love about the story is the adventure and the creativity. all this makes it even better. not to say it's the best anime of all time but One piece is definitely among them and very fun to watch.

The story also has a lot of badass and charismatic characters with amazing designs to name a few Mihawk, Akainu, Shanks, Whitebeard, Garp and so on the list is very long.

there is more like world-building and foreshadowing but I will stop there. if someone never watched the show, I think they are missing a lot. It's very interesting maybe not the best but still good.

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1 year ago