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My Lady MY Vow

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6 months ago
Topics: Novel, Relationship

Get out of this office now!

Mike Henshaw yelled. Aquila felt the brunt of everything and left his office sober. She had given the CEO of TAN GROUP OF COMPANIES, Mr. Yang, a wrong document to sign. Her boss, Mike Henshaw was very upset with her. Her continuation with the job depended on if she could be able to get Mr. Yang to sign the right documents again.

Aquilla didn't know what to do. Mr. Yang wasn't always mobile. He made so many trips to different places around the world, and he wasn't easily gotten to be booked for visual meetings. Her, being able to have him sign the first wrong papers, were simply by chance, and she didn't know if she would be able to get the chance to get to see him again, let alone sign the papers., She had until the next 2 weeks to do that.

She proceeded home that day, bounced on her desk, and began making a series of researches about Mr. Yang, his business, and his family.

From the researches she made, she got to find out that he had just a son, Haivan, who was heir apparent to his many chains of businesses. His wife, lady Keirra, was a fashion model and was currently in Europe. So many miles away from Asia. She dug deep into his business details and got to find out that he was amongst the first five highest-ranking business owners in Asia. And was highly respected.

"Where is Mr yang located currently..."

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She kept searching for his actual location. Soon she got to find out that he went to the united stated for a meeting with Mr. President. And he would stay up till 3weeks.

How on earth was she going to fly all the way from South Korea, Seoul, in Asia, to the US?

She really had to think fast. The next day she packed up her things, hurriedly went to withdraw some cash from liberty bank, and there, she had stumbled on Haivan, Mr. Yang's son.

"What is he doing in Asia?" She had asked herself silently. She began trailing him.

He entered a cap and headed straight to the embassy. She too trailed him from behind with her car, giving an Inconspicuous distance.

Haivan stepped down and headed in, while Aquilla still followed behind Trailing. As soon as he ended entering an office, she stood very close to the door, eavesdropping on their conversation. She found out that he would be leaving for the U.S.A the next day, and his flight would kick off by 4 pm. He had to join his dad in the executive meeting in the US, as the heir apparent. So she came up with a plan.

She would try to hook up with Haivan, so he may consider traveling with her, or rather still, get close to him in order to get easy access to his dad to sign the documents.

The hotel Haivan was to lodge in that night, Aquilla had to find her way in, luckily, the hotel had a club party and he would be in attendance too. She disguised herself as a high star model, by the name of Lucy. At the club, she had dressed gorgeously, wearing a red dinner gown, with blue accessories, a very expensive Balenciaga hill, and she was more than gorgeous. Haivan as a guy saw her at the counter, and immediately, took a liking to her. He went up to her, trying to start up a little conversation. Aquilla., Now Lucy knew what she wanted, so she made it a lot easier for him. They got along, went over to his travel since he came alone, and then had a nice time dancing. The following day, Aquilla made sure she got to the airport, an hour before their departure time. She studied every nook and cranny of the airport and quickly knew where best she could stay to be seen by Haivan more quickly.

Immediately Haivan stepped down from his limousin, he looked around, and she came closer in his direction, in the pretense of heading somewhere else. And just as planned, he noticed her.

"Heyy... You again?" He asked as he admired her from up till down, so alluring.

"Hi, Haivan., What are you doing here?

She asked, pretending not to know.

"I'm on a trip to the US today.

" Wow, same with me.

"VIP?" He asked.

Nah! Second class.

She replied.

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" Okay., How about I pay for your trip as VIP since we are both heading to the same country. At least, my little way of saying thank you for accepting my hand of friendship?

"Well, it would be mean for me to say no to your offer., Thank you Haivan., I appreciate. I'm saying yes to you!

Wow, everything went smoothly just like that, she was so happy her plans were going smoothly. They proceeded with the flight, and when they got to the US.

Haivan still wanted to spend quality time with her.

To him, he had found someone he had a soft spot for and was bent on making her his if possible, to Aquilla, or let's say camouflage Lucy., She was just fulfilling all odds to get her precious documents signed.

Being the rich guy Haivan is, he spoiled her throughout the first week in the US. They got along so well, they would go clubbing all night, go sightseeing, go shopping, and all that. They enjoyed every moment of it. All this while, Aquilla never took time to see and appreciate the handwork of God on Haivan. She never knew how handsome he was till now.

On one of the trips, she had taken time to view him, inside out. He was a calm gentle young man, handsomely built, cute face, cat eyes, thin red lips, full beards, curly hair, about 5'3 inches tall and light-skinned.

He was more like a model. He was beautifully made. At this moment, Aquilla got to know whom she has been dining with all this while. She never saw these awesome features of him because she was just bent on following protocols, regarding her business and document signing.

Haivan had come to love this lady, he could never picture his life without her anymore.

He told her the feelings he had for her, and he wanted to make her his woman.

Seeing how things were turning out to be, Aquilla had to let things known to him. She told him Lucy was only but a camouflage, and her name was Aquilla. And she loved him. But she wanted a favor from him, of which her life and career depend. She told him, she wanted his dad to sign some business documents.

To her surprise, he didn't probe her Further. He left the next morning and came back at noon with an already signed document.

Aquilla couldn't contain her joy.

To her, she has accomplished her sole aim of traveling, and she felt it was time to cut things off with Haivan. But the dude didn't want to hear of it.

"I love you, and I want to marry you...

Haivan kept telling Aquila, but she didn't know if it was actually loved she felt for him, as she didn't always involve emotions in her business dealings.

She worked her travel visa ahead of the scheduled time and traveled back to Asia without Haivan's notice.

When he found out, he was pained and hurt.

He was ever determined to find her. And so, as soon as the meeting in the US was concluded, he came back to Asia.

Looked for her everywhere. And luckily, he found her.

"Let me marry you Aquilla. You alone complete everything that can ever make me a man. "

He was a noble, and she was a commoner. Can she ever get married to the son of one of the biggest companions in Asia?

True or not, she had to follow her heart. And it was a yes!

Fuvk business protocols, and career. She's found love in a man, and she was ever determined to keep him.

Love would always come first.

What's your best part in the novel and what do you think of their marriage?

Thanks for reading and I will always bring you the best of its content. see you tomorrow

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Written by   102
6 months ago
Topics: Novel, Relationship
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