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5 months ago
Topics: Comedy

Article in an Afro-American setting.

The scene opens up on an elderly man, of the mid-'50s, and a middle-aged woman of about 35years of age.

Walking briskly to the man in front, she called out.

Eve: Hey, Mr. Thompson! Please hold on for a second.

She said touching him from behind with her fingers, in a bid to motion him to stop a bit.

Mr. Thompson: oh! Not again Eve, why now!

I mean, you always know how to show up when I'm in no mood to hang out. Look at me, do I look presentable at all. I ain't going nowhere with you., Not today, certainly!

~Eve, is taken aback by this. She comes to an abrupt stop...

Eve: Excuse you?? In no mood for what? I certainly don't even plan on hanging out with an old bone like you!

Mr. Thompson; Old bone., Hmm! Not as old as your dad's. (Sniffs)

~Eve gives him a stern stare.

Eve: Atleast dad's bones commemorates his age.. uhhm! How old are you again? And you look so "snatchy!"

Thompson: Enough eve! why are you here?

~ He moves closer to her, leans over to her ears, and says calmly.

"Don't think you will get away easily, I would deal with you!

Eve: like you deal with drugs and alcohol.

Thompson: No I don't!

Eve: yes you do!

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"No I don't" "yes you do" "No I d...!!"

"If you are arguing now, you are a dinosaur!

A voice from behind said aloud. On hearing this, both parties turned around to see who had the guts to say that.

Eve &. Thompson: Andrew!!

They said as they both rushed towards him.

Andrew: not like I refer to anyone, but!

Hello, any dinosaur home"

He said. Looking towards the directions of eve and Thompson.

"I mean., Sir dino, where is your saw?

Eve: Dino?? That's definitely not a name, and no one's answering that in here. So tell me, it is I you call a dinosaur right, together with sir T?

~Eve said as she walked closer to him with all audacity! Like she wants to choke the truth out of him, lol!

Thompson: yes! Who on earth were you calling a dinosaur, maybe it's her (he said pointing to eve). Because it's certainly not me. I'm not half a human-like her!

Eve: Half a human you say? Lol... Says a man that depends on "half a human" like me for assistance. Well done, full cream milk!

~Andrew couldn't help but laugh out loud., "Full cream milk", he mimicked.

Thompson: hey boy, you started all of this. Now, who the hell did you call a dinosaur.

He said hooking Andrew to the wall, at his collar.

Andrew: I didn't mean to call you a dinosaur, I was actually asking for an SAW from DINo. Sir DINO!

As in, Dino-saw. The saw of Dino.

Eve and Thompson look themselves both in the eyes.

Eve: you know what, just sign these documents Sir T, we need to get out of here. It's so choky in here.

~Thompson signs the documents off, saying.

Thompson: why wouldn't it be choky for an ordinary cleaner .. a janitor (cleaner)!

Eve: oh wow! You call me a janitor, your generator!

Thompson: wait., What?

Eve: yes!! At least I'm a high-class janitor, and I'm nothing like you, who have been in this company for 10+ years and still no promotions, and you won't even recognize. When was the last time the manager passed the office and replied to your greetings or even send a "hi". When??

You see Thompson, a high-class janitor is better than a ghost worker. Ohh no! The managerial board must have been thinking you exist no more, sorry dude! You are more like a mammalian ghost worker.

Thompson has never been mocked like this his entire life.

Thompson: I give up!

Eve: Haha! I won, finally!

Thompson: your mates win the lottery, and here you are, winning a baseless argument.

Eve: baseless you may say, but so long as you are involved, it's a big Win.

Thomson; ohh! That.

Well, I can't argue with anyone.

Cause my name isn't Augustine that I would get angry too easily.

Okay, lover boy!

Eve: we should suddenly be heading back to the hub. we have spent a lot because of time.

Thompson: well, there isn't any WE, we don't both go by the surname "Winfred".

Eve: oh, wow! So, you belong to TOM -TOM factory, by going by the name Thompson. Or you a son of the business too?

She asked aloud, to get back at him.

Thompson: well, not bad! How about you. You eve, so you ain't scared

a bit, to come to earth with the same name as the first grand sinners! Oh no!

"You sure this cloth, isn't same with legendary eve's own? (touches the tip of her gown!)

Eve; really? I'm done here!

She says and tried to storm out. Then turns back around...

Eve: Sir T, I think you should go see a doc. Your dementia is intense.

Thompson: Dementia?

Ohh no! I never knew communicating with you, would cause me the loss of my memory, imp!

Eve: hmm! What's imp.

Thompson; it means important. (Imp)

Eve, about looking it up in the dictionary, when Andrew showed her the meaning on his phone. She couldn't believe it.

She chased Thompson screaming hard!

"Duck!! I pray you get a webbed foot anytime soon.

They kept exchanging words and just then, a voice rang up in their ears.



Where are my documents, you clowns...

It was their boss. She had been waiting for them at GROOVE's HUB, the main reception. Eve and Thompson just stared at each other, and hurriedly packed her stuff and handed it to her.

Eve: hey prof T.. come let's hang out. Bills on you.

Thompson: Nahh, old bones don't hang out!

Just then, she remembered her initial words to him😂😂

Its good thing he spared some duties to her, if not, been, and Thompson would enjoy the holidays and be officially dropped out.

Thanks, Ancestor!

Lucas comes on his own.

Thompson has been one of the most ama...


Thompson has been so adequate at service.

Not until he used .....

Blacks out!

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Written by   102
5 months ago
Topics: Comedy
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