Dogecash – The newest Doge in the family

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This coin is not the usual Doge that you are used to, not only is the coin newer but its also a prove of stake coin compared to its family member Dogecoin which is a Prove of work coin.

Dogecash is a donation only project so its running as long as people want it to run and as well governed by the users through voting in the wallet of Dogecash. Dogecash is working on preserving what makes dogecoin unique and on the same time allow people to get involved into Dogecash in form of master nodes and the use of proof of stake.

The Dogecash wallet do come for all sorts of systems like Windows, Mac and Linux as well as a ARM version that you can take full use of. The wallet is not just the standard wallet that you see with most prove of stake coins and the team behind Dogecash has really put some work into designing the wallet as you will be able to see in the image below.

Dogecash is running on the Quark algorithm with a block time of only 60 seconds for your guys who love speed. The reward of the coin is 80% for Masternodes and 20% for normal prove of stake from your wallets.

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You can find Dogecash on a lot of different sites all from CoinMarketCap to MNtrend so you can always see price informations and staking information for Dogecash. I will of cause include all the important links in the end of this article so you can check out everything for your self

The Dogecash team is and has been developing platforms where Dogecash is the main user and giving the coin it self a very great use. You can find a lot of project build on Dogecash on the github of Dogecash


Master Node Hosting

Other Sites


To start a master node with Dogecash you could need to have 5000 Dogecash for master node staking, that said if you can’t afford 5000 Dogecash you can always sign up for Stakecube and stake with a lot of other people and gain staking that way since it could take long for you to get anything from your own wallet.

Takes about 1 hour to mature when staking your coins.

If you have more questions i would suggest you to follow their socials and ask around on discord and twitter (mainly discord) with what ever questions you might have since there is some people and team members that maybe can answer them a lot better.

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TY so much... I luv with this Dogecoin

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