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You Can't Outwork Me

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3 months ago

The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately. It's the deal you have to think about every minute of your day. This top spot is number one. That's mine because not one of you can out-will me. You may have been born with more genetic prowess than I, but you will never be able to out-determine me.

You can't out us with me. You can't get rid of me. You can't outwork me. You can't out-desire me. If you want to do something great, you're going to have false starts after false starts. You'll get it going, then you won't get it going, then you won't get it going, and then your group grows, then it shrinks.

I'm telling you right now, just know that you're going to make some money, and then you're not going to have tonnes of false starts and tonnes of setbacks. I knew someone was better than me. There are more talented people than me.

I am probably more talented than you, but like my dad said, the best ability is availability. You might outwork me for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days, but you aren't going to beat me over a year. You can't outwork me over two years. You are going to outwork me over three years.

I'm going to get you eventually. I'm a dripping, damn faucet. I will just keep coming at you. I will just keep coming at you. You might think I'm knocked down, but I just keep coming. I'm too damn tough to give most people half their lives all the time.

I knew they were going to get tired, they were going to get down. They quit getting wide. They quit recruiting people. They quit improving themselves. They started sleeping in They spent all their damn money. I'm not going to do that stuff.

I'm going to save money. I'm going to get up early. I'm still getting wide. I'm going to stay relentless, just like you should. Don't give in to that stuff. Don't give in to your fears. Don't get into the setbacks; you're going to have a failure. It's part of the game.

Get yourself right to the gym. Get your actions outside and run, study harder, and push yourself further; there's no reason you can't have the dream that you want. The only person holding you back is you, the world, and anyone who thinks anything other than what you should.

You are somebody special. You just have to believe it. If anybody stays in my way, I'll plough through them. I don't care who they are. That's the mindset you have got to have to be successful.

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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