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The Pain You Feel Today Will Be The Strength You Feel Tomorrow

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2 months ago

When they made the first golf ball, they made the cover smooth and they kept hitting the same golf ball. They discovered that when the golf ball was smooth, it would travel only so far. They noticed that the bruise from the rough golf ball went a little further than the smooth ones went. So, for every trial, tribulation, setback, and obstacle you face, God is redesigning you and putting more dimples on you so you can go further.

I don't negotiate with myself.I tell my brain I'm not going, oh wait, I'm not ready, or let me count to ten, or maybe tomorrow. That pattern of thinking is what destroys most people's lives and their dreams. You can settle for the life that most people have, or you can create the life of your dreams, but in order to do so, you must be willing to push yourself. So you need to train yourself in little ways.

When you get your blood pumping, when you push beyond what's comfortable, it develops this determination inside you, this sense of will. You get momentum. Momentum is everything you need. Your past does not equal your future Your present doesn't equal your future either. You are capable at any time of turning your life around, and if no one's reminded you lately, let me remind you.

You're supposed to do something great. You're called to greatness. You're called to something higher than where you are right now. More than anything, what matters is that you know it. You know, in your favour. You know, you can do something great. You know, you're not out of time. You know you can turn your life around. I know it now. You need to know it deeply because it's true. You're already in pain. Get a reward for it.

Everything is already messed up, so why would you go through all that pain and not get something for it? It doesn't make sense to put all those hours in and not transfer those hours to something else. It doesn't make sense to not recycle the pain and have a successful life. We are in control of our momentum People don't realise that, like people think momentum is something that we catch. It's not magic; it's something that we manufacture.

You win one day, then you win the second day, then you win the third day, and you win the fourth day. It's about creating a streak. Every day of your life, you serve as an example. You must get up every day and work if you want to have a true dog mindset. It will be awful. It's not going to be fun every day of your life. Do something awful This is how you progress when something really stinks.

Bring it on. It will toughen me up and give me a great story to tell. You get the rewards you fight for. Each morning you get out of bed to pursue your dream. Your progress depends on the things that you devote your time and effort to. I have to jump every single day because everything I ever wanted is in the sky. The evil mindset must be brought out of you. The aim of a true hunter is not the catch.

The hunt is what a true hunter wants to do. That's what keeps them going. Everyone in the world tries to be great, so you must excel in everything you do. Place the ground on your head again. Make sure everyone knows who you are. This implies that you must work hard. This implies that you must grind while they are asleep. You must grind even when you don't feel like it. This is true in all aspects of your life.

When you see all these people on top of the world, you think they are exceptional. You think they are everything. Greatness is not a once in a lifetime experience; you encounter it several times throughout your life and if you aren't always striving for greatness, you won't get there. Some of you are unsuccessful because you equate success with work.

If you believe that since you have worked for 40 hours you should have received something, just remember that no matter how many hours you put in, all they care about is the execution. It doesn't make a difference It doesn't matter if you put in the same amount of effort as someone else; you just have to execute more. People frequently use the excuse that he's built differently to justify their own behavior.

However, if this means that he wakes up earlier, stays later, helps others ask questions, is humble, and works very hard when no one is looking, then yes, he is built differently when no one is around. Consistency is the key to success. If you are raised without anything, I want to take a look in the mirror today and say these words: I am the king. My inherited curses do not define who I am.

People who are lazy put in a little effort and believe they should succeed. However, victors work as hard as possible and are still concerned with laziness. In order to succeed, you must be the one to get up every morning, be disciplined, and put in constant daily hard work. It's always you versus you.

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Written by   22
2 months ago
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True my friend. Everytime I experience pains after that on the next day I used it to be more stronger. It makes me realize and decide to be brave.

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2 months ago