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I Was Born In The Darkness

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2 months ago

Batman, The Dark Knight Batman starts swinging, swinging, swinging. Batman throws the strongest punch and bangs grabs, and he says, "Victory has defeated you." He informs Batman because Batman is Batman. Bruce Wayne is a millionaire.

Your success, your victory, has defeated you. So Batman all of a sudden takes his bat claws and he starts cutting all the lights off because he's Batman. He thinks he has an advantage in the dark, and Bee says, "Batman, the dark!" in the dark?!

You gotta look at life when life knocks you down and you say, "This is all you got." Is this the end? Bane looks at Batman. He says, "Batman, you trained in the dark, you adopted in the dark, you adopted the dark." I was born in the dark, shaped in the dark, and moulded by the dark. I will break it to you because I lived in the dark. I've trained in the dark.

I became this person in the dark. I take your pain. I am a high school dropout. I take your pain. Take the fact that your father wasn't in your life; take the fact that it took me 12 years to get a degree; take the fact that you started with nothing; you take that pain; you recycle your pain; you use your pain; you take your pain and let your pain push you to another level.

Some of you are soft because you were born in the dark, but now you are soft every time you come up against a challenge. You surrender, you give up, you give in to every single thing I go through. I remember I was homeless and I draw from it every single time I'm going through pain. I recall experiencing pain since I was a child.

I take inspiration from it. Your success has not benefited you in any way. You have not grown as a result of your success. You lost your life. You're not hungry anymore. Your success is damaging you. When you get to content, when you settle, somebody's chasing you.

Every single day when you wake up, somebody's coming from behind and somebody's trying to take your spot, and so it goes. You must set new goals and benchmarks, raising them higher and higher and higher. so that you can make your dreams a reality This is not a cliche: "Winners win, losers lose." It is my mantra. It's a mindset.

I remember when I was losing, eating out of trash cans, living in abandoned buildings as a high school dropout, and one day I woke up and realized that winners win. Everyone experiences life, but winners approach it as victors and losers as victims. So if you're tired of losing and you're ready to win, do your boy a favor. Winners win and losers lose.

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Written by   16
2 months ago
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