Yogyakarta – The Enchanting City of Southern Java

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Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta might have that it factor which always makes tourists want to come back there again and again. Not just because of the enchanting place than has quite good magnetism but also because of the little details that make people really want to explore it like the endless history, the rich cultures, the nice people, the “enchanted” and historic places it has all over the place, and do not forget about how modernization bring great effects to the city.

Tugu Yogyakarta

All about Yogya

Yogyakarta or as locals call it Jogja is a quite small city (in terms of size) with a quite big name especially internationally which is located Java, Indonesia. It is popular as the center of classical Javanese culture and also art like batik which is becoming a clothing identity for Indonesian people, music (traditional, classic, modern, and so on), ballet, drama, poetry, and also puppet shows that are really famous among tourists.

Yogyakarta Dance

Historically, Yogyakarta itself was named after an Indian city that was Ayodhya from a folklore called Ramayana. Yogyakarta also became Indonesian capital city during Indonesian National Revolution in 1945-1949. The history of this city is very long and can be really interesting to be explored more such as when Mataram Kingdom still existed and also its relation with Indonesia that know this day because Mataram Kingdom took part in constructing our nation. Till this day, Yogyakarta is still becoming the only city that has status of Special Region in Indonesia which means it has its own government system (a kingdom based government under the leadership of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X) to rule the city while is also still under national government’s control.

Cultures and Tourism

Yogyakarta is one of the cities in Indonesia that have very rich cultures and maybe this is also the reason why so many travelers really curious to know and to explore more of Javanese cultures and arts especially the original and authentic cultures that have thrived in Yogyakarta. We have the like of silver work that can be found mostly in Kotagede, leather puppetry, the making of batik by dying fabrics, gamelan music, and of course traditional dances that are still really appreciated by locals.

Enjoy it Indonesia country.


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