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Live to impress, die depressed.

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5 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)

If your life boarders on ordering yourself around or oppressively suppressing your worthwhile feelings and values just impress, then you have succeeded in mounting a fragile horse sauntering a deep and steep mountain of depression, with no grain of sand but a rather frictionless and smooth terrain, and you risk a hard and harsh crash. There are people whose philosophies say that their lives should be like that of a canopy; exposing themselves different forms of danger just to make those, who do not really care about their welfare, comfortable.

People who live their lives only to impress others are as fake as flawed cakes; laced with much more flour than other vital sauce. They are always working hard to be noticed but when they end unnoticed, they become hard on themselves and harsh on others. Their lives are highly artificial and their happiness are grossly superficial. Because they are clingy minions to other people's opinions, what people always have to say about them is what make or break them. They do not have opinions of their own because they don't own their opinions__they always draw from others. These people have very low self-esteem and tend to be very proud, loud and clouded by arrogance and defiance as a way to shroud their low self-worth; what I loosely refer to as "pseudo or false self-esteem". They are rather too self-conscious and dangerous perfectionists.

If you reflectively find yourself to belong to this category, then you must have had an upbringing where your self confidence was not encouraged, instead you were constantly shouted down and consequently, you have been naturally nurtured into knowing and believing that you have to live your life only to satisfy other people's standards. Your temperament can also be a contributor to this anomaly, but the beautiful thing is that you can nurture your unwanted nature to re-adapt to your desired nature. Moreso, someone once said: "don't let your background rub your back on the ground". If you discover that your upbringing is the bulk of your problem,then you can change your upbringing by bringing up yourself differently. And don't expect it to be easy because change is an August visitor that does not easily come by, you have to keep making an invitation.

People who are adapted to this outrageous lifestyle are willing victims of disappointment, emotional traumas and psychosomatic complications. So, if you continue to live just to impress others but yourself, then, you are ready and willing to live and die depressed!

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Written by   7
5 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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"Geçmişinizin sırtınızı yere sürtmesine izin vermeyin" That is true. You shouldn't be stuck with the past. However, achieving this is not as easy as it sounds.

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5 months ago