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Is the devil black?

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3 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)

There is a general notion that the devil is black. This is seen in various paintings of the devil. The representation of the devil as a black entity appears to have a connotation with the "blacks" as a race. The black community is always perceived by the majority of their white counterparts as an inferior race that has nothing good to offer to mankind and therefore deserve nothing good. These white extremists address the blacks with such derogatory word as "black monkey." To them, the colour"black" is a curse and the race bearing it is typically mephistophelean and therefore should be lynched and suspended in the deepest part of hell. The black race has equally been brainwashed to believe that they're inferior to their white counterparts and as such perceive the whites as gods. The black sometimes loosely refer to any skin colour that is not black as fair. They describe someone whose colour is not black as "the fair guy." This literally informs the reason why the white man choose to refer to anything unjust as "unfair." The word "unfair" is also synonymous with "dirty" or "foul." This clearly suggests that the black race is unjust, dirty and foul. It is a known fact that the black man treats any white man that migrates into Africa with so much reverence but the big question is: "does the white man have equal regard for the black man?" The most common answer to this is "no." The black race is highly discriminated! I learned that there are certain international football clubs that do not buy African players. Why? Is it that Africans are not good in the field of play? No, it's certainly not. It's sheer apartheid.

Is the black race part of the problem? Yes, they are. Blacks accepted inferiority and are generally intimidated by their God-given colour. They bleach their skin just to belong. They have no regard for their own culture but they rever that which the white men has given to them. The black race has been brainwashed, disillusioned and utterly disoriented. The devil's black colour is significant with racism and it is widely accepted by the black race.Some black men are mentally poor and therefore gullibly defines the supposed superiority of the white men as a reality. For a typical black man, the white counterpart is naturally more intelligent, blessed and civilized.

Though civilization started with the black race, their neo-colonial disposition has kept them in the dark. Their history has been twisted to keep them in perpetual colonial slavery. The don't know their true story and therefore appreciate less their self image.

The solution to the black man's problem lies with him__his ability to discover that he has a problem and his willingness to adjust his mentality. The black race need to ask relevant questions about who they truly are and reject every colonial conjectures that are poised to deceive them. Self-discovery is a first step towards liberation and self appreciation and until the blacks discover the true story about their existence, they will never be truly and entirely free.


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Written by   7
3 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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