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North Cotabato tourist attractions

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Underground River

It's really a big help for the local government of Banisilan to have this kind if tourist attraction, the underground river.

While the said spot is not that known yet, the chairman is trying his best to improve the pathway towards the underground river to have a safe and hassle free trip.

This is one of the priority of the local government together with some government officials.

There are also other tourist attractions in Banisilan like the Mount Opaw and other unnamed caves.

It was first discovered by a local fisherman and he was amazed by the beauty when he begin exploring inside the cave.

At some point, this tourist attraction is not yet opened but soon to be because of this pandemic that we are currently facing.

Based on the citizens, this river could greatly help them to grow and make their community prosperous.

Lily’s View Cafe

Hi everyone! Sharing you my lily's cafe experience ❣️

A place where you can unwind and detoxify with the mountain views and fresh air to breathe.

Perfect for family bonding and getaway.

You are lucky enough to see the "SEA OF CLOUDS" when the weather is good.

Asik-asik Falls

Tjye Asik-Asik falls located at Alamada, North Cotabato is one of the famous spot in the said municipality.

Even the chairman of the local government was amazed with it's natural beauty that captures the eye of every visitors.

The peaceful flow of the water and the beautiful view is a best combination when you want to unwind and forget about your problems.

And because this falls is now developing more and more, it is expected to have greater number of visitors when the pandemic ends.

The government officials also give their full support to make more progress to the said attraction and make it like a "word-class" one.


Hiligaynon is the main language of the place and the locals are very shy but warm welcoming people. North Cotabato Is divided into three district . Arakan belongs to second district and It’s very known for its agricultural products like rubber, banana and corn. Arakan belongs to one of many fomous tourist destination in Mindanao . Name in the in the top is the #MATIGOLFALLS! considered as the highest cascading falls in the province.

And just recently , after being known to public , a new tourist destination is making its mark in social media like Facebook and Instagram , by both local and international tourist .

The #WHILTEHILLS Mountain Resort! in my my own humble experience , is a mini version of Baguio city in ARAKAN. The ambiance is perfect for the people who wants to escape stressful and busy environments. The climate is perfectly fresh and cold and usually foggy during 5am to 6am and 5pm.

Even though its a man made attraction planted with varieties of plants ,the mountain resort is surrounded with forest just a long the national highway connecting DAVAO city and KIDAPAWAN CITY that makes it unique and very accessible to the visitors and bypassers. WHITEHILLS is now becoming the most visited place in Arakan valley.

They offer services like ktv, pools, picnics and even overnight stay. The area is still developing and improving at this time. But they offer services available to welcome the guest. The place is 100% recommended for nature lover’s. You can enjoy a day tour for 50 pesos/ person, and 70 pesos when using the pools. Cottage can be rented starting 150 pesos to 450 pesos. See you there guys !


Whatever happens, always look on the birghter side of life ✨

In the midst of this pandemic, the Management of The Tent City never stopped improving our facilities and exploring more of what our Mother Nature has to offer.

Introducing our newly improved viewing deck, a place where we can enjoy the cold breeze of Rangayen, Alamada, Cotabato. Visually appealing in a way that is suitable for being photograped and posting on our chosen Social Media Platform.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. —Albert Einstein

The Tent City keeps getting better and better. Lots of newly improved amenities are waiting for you and we can't wait to welcome you here at the Camping Capital of Alamada, Cotabato.

How about sitting while staring at the mountain view in front of you sounds like to all of you guys? 🔜👣

Hope you enjoyed viewing the beautiful tourist attractions in our place. If this pandemic ends, hope one of them will be on your bucket list ❣️ Stay safe.

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