What’s on my Memory Box?

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This may be weird but I keep memories more than what is necessary. I am that kind of person who would slip the receipts or tickets of a normal or extraordinary day in my bag and keep it in my memory box. I like to have something to hold on to though according to my mom, this isn’t healthy because it would make my life heavy or it would make it hard for me to move on.

For today, I’m going to show you some of the things inside my memory box!

1. Letters

I guess I really don’t have to explain this because many of us keep letters, it is just so special that these are hand written. In this times, handwritten letters are now rare so I really kept these. Many of these letters came from our relatives in the US and some are from my closest friends. I am lucky to have friends who would slip notes in my bag, encouraging me and uplifting my faith every after a challenge in my life.

2. Park tickets and receipts

Whenever you enter a park, they sell tickets and I kept them. Those days must be ordinary for others but I like normal days. Usually, we don’t often give importance to these days but it has its own way of being special. I also kept receipts which are usually from fast food restaurants, from the bookstore, and when I bought someone a gift. I can’t really explain much further but I like to retain something from those simple yet exquisite moments of my life.

3. Things from events, activities, and contests

During my junior high school years, I attended many activities and contests. This enabled me to go to different places. I treasure these rare opportunities so I kept my IDs, certificates, booklets, and many other things that would remind me of those events. Many delightful memories are kept in these things. I didn’t have a camera or a good working phone back then so I wasn’t able to keep such good photos.

4. Pencils and ball pen

Like the other things, I keep these because they played an important part in my life. The most important pencil here is the tiniest one which I got from a kid when we were doing a feeding and Christmas program in an elementary school in the province. We brought gifts and the kid got my attention. I gave him a new one and it really broke my heart to see young dreamers who are being neglected of their needs. This inspired me to work harder and give off to people who are needing.

5. Photo albums

Back then, it is a must to get the photos printed. Mostly, these are pictures of me and my parents during school recognition days. I also kept in here photos of my friends, even though most of them are strangers to me once again.

I still have a lot of things in here like sea shells that I got in the beach whenever I go there, coin purses, notebooks, letters I wrote that never got to them, and many other more.

I am a memory hoarder and I don’t see that as a weakness, unlike what other people say. I treasure memories, the good and the bad.

Thank you for reading this!

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While I was reading your article, there is this strange emotion flowing in my system. I don't know where is it coming from, but I think, we're very the same person. We are identical in a sense that we keep memories through keeping stuffs we have attained from that specific point in time. Good article, dude!

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