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Silly Things I Did as A Child

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1 month ago

I am now experiencing the quarter life crisis and sometimes, I wish I could just go back being a child, not thinking about anything else other than sleeping and eating and playing. However, I am contented to where I am right now, and to the person I have become.

Since the gloomy weather visited us for today, reminiscing won’t be as bad as being unproductive, right?

Let’s start! Here are some of the silly things I did as a child.

1. The moon follows me.

I used to have two theories about the moon: first, I am the most special person in the universe because the moon follows me wherever I go. I walk, it moves, I stop, it halts. I would even go out at night just to check if it still happens. Second, each person has its own – like a shadow that follows you anywhere. Well, this is all before I have learned that there’s only one moon on Earth. Science sometimes ruins beautiful things.

2. Checked if the refrigerator light turns off when I close it.

I miss how these little things brought by technology were some sort of magic when I was a kid. My grandma would laugh and scold me for doing these but I was really curious. I would sneak my eyes as I close it to check if it really turns off or not.

3. Abroad is up on to the mountains.

They would say, my aunt rides an airplane when going to London. I was thinking why would she ride an airplane and not a bus, so I thought abroad is up on the mountains. I was so sure about these especially when I can see antennas built up on it.

4. Tried to balance the light switch.

I was curious what would happen if the light switch is balanced – between on and off. I was expecting that the lights would dim but I was not successful with that experiment.

5. Dug a hole in our backyard so that we won’t be flooded.

We used to live next to a farm so when it rains, the farm would literally look like a lake. If it rained too hard, some of the water would come close to our house. I was silly enough to think that I could dig a large hole which will serve as a reservoir of water. My tita who’s four years older than me believed too in my plan and she actually helped me.

6. Used soap as a shampoo.

There are times when my mom scolded me and I would be pushed to take a bath. Then there would be no shampoo and I would be too afraid to call my mom for help so I’d end up using the soap in my hair. I think it’s just fine until my hair became so stiff and rough, I couldn’t comb it.

7. Formulated my own lotion.

I was so proud of myself but actually, the things I used are just lotions as well, alcohol, powder, and whatever I found in the house. My mom would scold me of course because I emptied some of the bottles.

There you go! I hope you liked reading this. Thank you!

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Written by   89
1 month ago
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Lol, I always talked to the moon when it followed me!

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1 month ago

There was even a song then for the moon 😂😂, I always argue with my siblings that the moon was always following me and not them

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1 month ago


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1 month ago