Recycling: Resourceful and Creative

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Many people underestimate what recycling can give to us, but I refuse to see it that way. Though the situation of the world right now in relation to global warming is already at a high risk, I still affirm myself that the small things that we can do such as recycling is a great move in helping the nature.

Recycling enables us to be resourceful and creative.

In every single household, we have lots of things that we thought we can no longer use or we assume that it doesn’t have benefits to us anymore so we put it in the bin. However, if we think outside the box and give some time to do recycling, we can make something out of it wherein:

- We can save by not buying anymore the object that we can make and

- We can lessen the amount of garbage that goes in the dump.

Therefore, here are some of the recycling ideas that I have made myself or I want to make during my extra time:

For the empty bottles and containers:

The bottles and containers that we have, usually those from food packaging, are going to have a deep cleaning. I clean them thoroughly with water and soap then put them under the sun as well and then use them as organizers inside our house. For some of the bottles like the wine bottles, we put water and plant inside of it and it is aesthetically becoming a décor.

For the old newspapers:

I have mentioned before that I have a small online business and since I love to recycle, I no longer buy packaging materials, I create envelopes using the old newspapers or any presentable paper I find at home. I decorate it a bit so it would be at least pleasing and write a note explaining why I needed to use a recycled packaging.

For the unused clothes:

At home, we have clothes that are too big for us to wear and my mom’s been fond of sewing and so she likes to up-cycle the clothes turning it for a smaller size which my sister can fit. I also want to sew because it’s been a long a time so later this afternoon, I prepared a cloth by cutting it into my size. I will sew it maybe tomorrow. Thanks God, we have a sewing machine and even though it’s already antique, it still works.

For the plastic bottles:

We use the plastic bottles as plant pots. Mom and I cut them into half and then put holes underneath. Pots became too pricy when plants became hit a high demand on the market. We were kind of addicted especially during the pandemic so we resourced for materials that we can use in order to propagate the plants. We were able to sell some too which helped us financially.

There are many ways to recycle, ways that are bigger and better than those that I have mentioned. With this, I encourage everyone to do your part and just put it in your heart that we owe the future generation the nature that helps us live today.

Let’s be resourceful and wise. Everything is anchored to the nature.

Thank you for reading!

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Recycling can save on raw materials and energy.

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