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For today’s blog, I decided to make it extra exciting. I looked for a challenge and I saw this Never Have I Ever challenge using a bingo card. I got this template from Pinterest, so no further ado, let’s just get started!

Been ice skating: Nope, I have never tried it yet. I never had a chance because we’re only living a comfortable life and we’ve never been in a mall where there’s an ice skating facility nor traveled abroad to experience this in the snow.

Had chickenpox: I have, I was in third grade back then. Almost everyone in our class had chickenpox because as we all know, this is contagious. I remember these days that I hated the most because it was really itchy. I got scars from it, by the way.

Had a massage: I have tried but not from a professional massage therapist though lately, I have been curious how much will it cost because I’ve been suffering from backache for quite a while now.

Ridden in a limo: I have never ridden in a limo and I don’t think I have seen one yet since we are living in the province.

Built a fire: Yes, I have. I really miss my scouting days. I have lots of memorable experiences and I wish I could still go camping soon with my friends or with some new people.

Ridden a motorcycle: Of course, I have. I actually know how to drive a bit but it’s just that I am afraid to do it on the main road where there are other vehicles.

Ridden a horse: I have not yet and it makes me sad because I really want to try. The next time I’ll go Baguio, I’ll make sure to try horseback riding.

Played scrabble: Yes, I have. I feel lucky to grow with this board games because now, I can observe that children are now more focused to their phones.

Spent night on a beach: I have never but this is on my bucket list. I will fill this dream soon when I will get a little busy with my life.

Had braces: I have and it was worth it I think because it fixed my teeth which also helped my speaking problems that I had growing up.

Locked my keys in a car: I have never and I still don’t have my own car.

Laughed so hard I cried: I have and it happens every time because I am really that person who laughs almost at everything and it is hard for me to get over.

Baked a cake: I have though I only used an oven toaster. It was an upside down cake with pineapples. It was yummy.

Had a pet fish: I have! I have gold fish and arowana at home. They’re growing big now.

Gotten a tattoo: I have never but I’m planning to soon when I know to myself that I have passed over a milestone in my life.

Lied about my age: I have, I am tall and it helped me get into establishments this pandemic.

Made a prank call: I am not sure but I guess I have done this with my cousin back then because we like to do silly things.

Gotten seasick: Nope, not yet.

Fired a gun: I have not tried yet but I also wish to do these kind of activities.

Plucked my eyebrows: I have tried just once but it was painful so I never did it again.

Been to Europe: I have not yet. This is my ultimate travel dream anyway so hopefully soon.

Dyed my hair: Yes, I have! Been thinking of dyeing it again but I’m afraid my school might not approve.

After looking into the bingo card, this is now the result!

Thank you for reading this and take note, you can also make this challenge!

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