Top 10 Benefits Of Having Cats

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1 year ago

Cats are the most popular pet globally, and for a good reason. They offer companionship, provide security and help you stay healthy! Read this article to find out more about why cats are so great.

1) Cats keep your immune system more potent than other pets do:

While dogs can benefit from immunity because of their fur, research has shown that cats have a much higher antibody level that protects against bacteria and viruses. And even though they don't like it when you kiss them on the mouth (they prefer head bumps), they will still let you give them kisses on the cheeks or chin if you want to show your love.

2) Cats improve mental health by giving adults responsibility:

Cats are a great way to teach children responsibility because they need food and water at specific times every day, not just when convenient for them. They also have rigorous bathroom habits that can't be bargained with!

3) Cats strengthen your heart by making you walk around more:

Even though you can't take your cat for a walk around the city streets as people do with dogs, they will still force you to go outside and play with them. Playing with cats makes people move around more than playing on their consoles or watching TV (which is much better for cardiovascular health).

4) Cats make for excellent companionship:

There are scientific studies that show that having a cat by your side during chemotherapy can benefit the patient because of its soothing purrs and affectionate nuzzles. Cats provide companionship to humans whenever they need it, whether it's when you're sad or just bored.

5) Cats help fight germs in the home:

While we can catch germs from other people, cats are much better at keeping the house clean and free of harmful bacteria. This is because they like to spend a lot of time outside (often in places where there might be sick animals) and then come back home to rest.

6) Cats help you sleep better:

Dogs create havoc by barking at anything and everything, but cats are much more peaceful. Their purring relaxes the mind, so people tend to sleep better when cats are around. This is because their purrs help with lowering blood pressure levels.

7) Cats make you happier:

It's been scientifically proven that cat owners laugh a lot more than people who don't have cats! This is because they find their antics funny and end up giggling a lot more than usual. Even watching cat videos on YouTube has a similar effect.

8) Cats make for good parenting:

When people become parents, their children need to learn how to be responsible early. Cats are great at teaching children responsibility because they nip them gently if they don't clean up after themselves.

9) Cats make you more creative:

Scientists have found that when people stare at a cat for a long time, it helps with concentration and focus. This is because cats are pretty calming to be around, which means you can develop new ideas and work well in a team.

10) Cats help people cope with stress:

In the old days, cats have worshiped gods because of their help to their owners! The best thing about them is that they can be both social and anti-social to humans, depending on what you prefer.

Pets have been scientifically proven to be good for your health. They offer companionship, provide security and help you stay healthy! Find out more about the top 10 benefits of having a cat in your life here.

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1 year ago


Cats made us happy when we're sad and lonely. Indeed they are stress relievers. And having a cat in the house you will feel safe and comfortable🤗🤗☺️☺️☺️

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1 year ago

Yeah, seeing your playful cats when you are stressed is such a relief

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1 year ago

Cats are indeed stress relievers. I have two cats and they are very nice and friendly, they were strays who I fed and now feel like I am their owner and stay in my place for good. I am totally loving it being a cat owner!

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1 year ago

You are such a good person for helping those stray cats to have a home! You deserve them <3

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1 year ago