Fun facts about Buggati.

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Bugatti is a luxury car brand that we all wish we could afford. Its history is muddled with plenty of success, as well as failure, and it showcases the driving forces behind its renowned infamy. These are the supercars of our dreams, but there is more to this company than meets the eye.

There are several things people probably don't know about Bugatti, and we plan to overcome them. It includes everything from the company's change of ownership to the different things they have created. Keep reading to learn ten surprising facts you didn't know about Bugatti!

No 1

The Company Was Founded By Ettore Bugatti

Ettore Bugatti, the son of a famous designer and artist, was the man who created this incredible company. His career began back in 1899 when he designed cars for other companies, but in 1909 he decided to go a different direction and open his own factory. His factory produced more than just cars, as he supplied parts for railways, tools, and engines of different varieties.

Things took a turn for the worse during the World Wars as the desire for these cars dwindled, and then both Ettore's wife and son passed away in 1939. Ettore's other son took over the family business, but it never reached the same heights and he eventually filed for bankruptcy.

No 2

The Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Is The Most Expensive Car In The World

This car was built back in 1936 and it was personally designed by Ettore's son named Jean Bugatti. It has to be riveted together, as the metal was unable to be welded together. There was one prototype and three production models created, but of the four vehicles, only two of the production models are left.

The incredibly unique teardrop design combined with its limited production makes it the most sought after and expensive car in the world. They are said to be worth as much as $114 million, which is more than most of us will see in our entire lifetimes.

No 3

Bugatti briefly produced a saloon called the EB 112 in the mid-’90s.

Since being brought back from the dead by Italian businessman Romano Artioli in the late ’80s, almost all of Bugatti’s effort and resources have gone toward the development of boundary-pushing hypercars. We say almost, though, because the brand briefly produced a saloon called the EB 112 before it was purchased by Volkswagen Auto Group in 1998. Why is the sedan all but forgotten at this point, you may ask? Because the brand only ever built three examples of the vehicle. On the rare occasion one of those hits the market, you can expect it to sell for in excess of $1 million.

No 4

The Veyron requires 10 radiators to keep its quad-turbocharged W-16 engine functioning.

Three radiators handle the engine, while another trio tackles the air-to-liquid intercoolers: a separate unit for the air-conditioning, another specifically modulates the engine oil, and yet another cools the transmission oil. One final radiator is dedicated to the differential oil. Each radiator takes 15 hours to construct, meaning the whole shebang takes nearly four weeks to complete the requisite 150 hours of labor.

No 5

A full-speed, 250-mph run in the Veyron would only last 15 minutes and would cost more than $42,000.

Technically, you’d only make it 12 minutes, because the 26.4-gallon fuel tank would be empty at that point. However, even if you had enough road—the Veyron can do 253 mph, meaning it covers 4.21 miles a minute. You would need 50.6 miles of road to keep your foot buried for 12 minutes. But the Veyron’s tires wouldn’t last. They’re only good enough for running at 250 mph for about 15 minutes. After that, Bugatti would need to swap them for a new set, which reportedly will set you back a whopping $42,000.

This was some fun facts about Buggati.

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