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Brave Browser + Read.Cash = Double Income.

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I will share you guys how I earn double income.

Every month you earn 70% of the BAT revenue that advertisers spend on the ads you see, while Brave receives the remaining 30%. As the BAT stacks up in your account, you can make contributions to websites you love, and tip users on Twitter, Github, YouTube and other sites. Publishers receive the contributions in the form of cryptocurrencies if they opt into the system. 

According to Brave, a typical user earns around $5 a month, but that this figure will vary based on region and "other factors." When CNET test-drove Brave's BAT feature earlier this year, the end total in our reporter's account after a good bout of tooling around was around $27, though not all of that was from viewing ads.

Previously, Brave struggled to get its currency to cross the threshold from crypto to cash. That's possible now through the cryptocurrency exchange Uphold, and Brave said by early next year it'll also be possible for users to redeem BAT for subscriptions, gift cards, discounts and more.

And here my proof of payouts 🥰

Received to my uphold wallet 🤑

And also my Read Cash Payouts 😍

For those who want to make double income just follow this Tips.


  1. Download Brave Browser here

  2. If your done to download and install go back to the link 👆 find the 3 lines and click it and create your account using your email add and if you done you can go to your email and follow the instructions of brave to log in.

  3. If you done to log in you can set up your link or channels of your social media you can find it at the lower section of your account.

  4. Download uphold wallet app you can find it in Google play store.

  5. Create uphold account.

  6. And lastly connect your uphold account to your Brave rewards account that's all 😘

Thank for reading

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Thank you 🤗

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