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Three stories.

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10 months ago
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New friend

I found a piece of paper. It is written there that I will find a friend. It said that I had to ride to find it. I went home immediately because the friend that the paper was referring to might be there.

I rode the horse but the new friend was not there. I opened the window and saw our garden. There are many plants and insects there. They play happily but I do not understand them.

I went out of the backyard and went to the beach. I took a boat to look for my friend but there was no one else at sea. Ah, I know that. I dived under the sea, I rode on the back of a dolphin, and I saw a variety of animals and plants.

But I can't live there, I just went back to our house. It was late at night when I got home. From my room I could see something bright in the sky.

There is a star that is extremely large. Aha! I'm going to the star. I clung to the balloon and went for it. But no one was there.

From above I could see the world round and bright. Nice color! It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Available in blue, green, and earth colors.

I thought back. From above I leaped in the clouds. Delicious! Like flowers! I slipped on the rainbow! But I still didn't have a playmate so I used a big umbrella and did a parachute.

I went to the forest. There the animals were meeting. I could not understand them so I went back to our house on an elephant. Soon my mother touched me.

"Wake up Bernard, son. You have work today."

"Mom, I dreamed I would meet someone new friend! "

"Yes There is, there at your school so get ready and the school bus is coming"

Wrong thought

It was vacation when we moved to Barangay Asisan. At first, I was nervous. I may not have any friends. People here may not be kind.

When we arrived, the barangay leader, Captain Joel, greeted us immediately. Soon after, he was followed by Councilor Steve, who is also a barangay official. He was with some men to help us haul the goods.

It's snack time. Precy, my new friend, accompanied me to buy hot bread at the bakery shop of Mang Elias. Mang Elias said, He is the best to make bread in the barangay.

Mang Ruben, a plumber, also passed by our house. He was carrying a knuckle and a pipe to make sure the water flowed smoothly into our house.

Mom was tired from working all day. His head hurt. Doctor Cruz immediately went to see Mom's condition. Fortunately he is okay. Thanks to our kind new friends. I was wrong.

Sudden Walk Saturday.

Everyone in the house is bored. Get dressed, Dad said. So we were all as fast as lightning to dress up. Brrrmm. Brrmm Where are we going? "I asked Kuya Ramon. But he just shook his head at me. Welcome to the town of Laguna. Soon, we arrived at a place with strange houses and buildings. I thought we were no longer in the Philippines. Houses and buildings here are still being built during the Spanish period. That was a long time ago, wasn't it? The Filipinos are really good at making jars and pots excavated in Pinagbayanan or this wonderful thing. We also saw something in 1967. It is a historic town of Pila.

We also visited the mudspring in Los Baños. According to Ate Gina's story, this is the center of the volcano that we know better today as Mount Makiling. I mean, it used to be a volcano.

We also swam in a hot spring in Los Banos. Delicious! The heat of the water! It is good for health. We got home late at night. Due to fatigue, no one talks on the trip Only Dad and Mom are awake.

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Written by   2
10 months ago
Topics: Story
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