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Come on, Let's Play!

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10 months ago
Topics: Education

What game do you know? Definitely like me, what you immediately thought was the online games played on the computer. Is that right? But did you know that there are many games that are our own? These are called race games. This is one of the introductions to our Filipino identity. It helps shape our unity, our sport. It also makes the mind alert and the acting body strong. Above all, it gives every Filipino child a happy experience.

Who doesn't know the Jack en Poy game? This is a game that everyone, young or old, enjoys. There is also a pickaxe that needs checkers can be a pebble Just near the corner. If you have a lot of rubber or rubber, just combine it. Call friends and jump as it rotates faster and rotates faster. When your foot is caught, you bet. This is the rope to jump. If the moon is bright at night, invite your friends and you will hide outside the house. Just be careful not to overdo it and you may get caught right away. If you do not want to hide, you can also play house-to-house indoors or outdoors. These are some of the games of our race that are really fun to play. If we take them all one by one, we will not be able to finish. So, come on, let’s play!

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