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Cry of heart

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Dear you remember everything I say .I believe you really are Just ignore what's around you Think of you I love Your promise never changes You love losing your heart Nothing is important to you Only you are my life No matter what your past No one can change My love is honest I'm so sweet No matter what they say It didn't hinder my purpose Perfect love Cry of my heart III I love you I will fight It doesn't matter that I suffer My only dream Is the love you love You are always the cry of my heart.

Godbless Us All😊🙏

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I cry my heart out loud to the place where I can be the one. A lonely place that No one can see me.

I am vulnerable, Sentimental. That situation makes me a strong woman and a better person.

I no longer cried my heart out of pity. I just let it pass cause it will pass anyway.

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2 years ago