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Theta Network - Continues to Impress, Opportunity Abounds

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4 months ago

With 1000's of projects in existence and new ones coming on line every day, finding a project that serves an amazing purpose can feel overwhelming. That's where Theta Network comes in - Continues to Impress, Opportunity Abounds.

While there have been some Theta supporters in full bull mode for the last several years, one only need look to the last 12-18 months to see how multiple paths converge.

Even as recent as last December, Katy Perry released her Roar NFT collection on the newly launched ThetaDrop on the Theta ecosystem.

So whether it's staking, investment, purpose, intent and support of the project there is a little something for everyone. Theta Network is the data streaming, smart contract and NFT platform that really begins to pull everything together in ways that is intuitive, makes sense and has incredible upside potential.

Let's look at a couple things.

For starters the upside potential is quite amazing on many levels. For example, just a year ago, the THETA token was trading under $0.10 usd and since reached as high as $18 in the May 2021 peak. From there it has been several rotations back down in the $4-$6 range.

Recently though with the savage correction from the BTC all time high of just short of $70k, THETA retraced to nearly $2.40 which is most likely the bottom for this cycle. While anything is possible, for a long term hold the $2-$4 level is an attractive level.

Especially when considering the upside potential. Some analysts have project an intermediate price range potentially into the 100's of dollars, even more than $1000. Time will well.

Another area of interest for the project is the amount of technology developments that consistently come through and the patents in place securing the tech. Between the different capabilities of Theta including video delivery, NFT development and the power of the operational token TFUEL, the project is the real deal.

Most recently for those who have been staking the THETA token, a health airdrop of the TDROP token was released which will support the TDrop marketplace for the uber development of NFT assets.

Which ever way you cut it, Theta is not some fly by night operation, or a moon call that is unknown. Rather the project is a top level project that will end up being a top 10 lister in the near future.

Pay attention and remember where you read it first, even if you saw it somewhere else before here.

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Written by   33
4 months ago
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