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The Energy of Theta

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4 months ago

That tingle of awareness appears.  Maybe you can't quite find the right words but you know that something is a good thing just by sensing it.  You are probably tapped into The Energy of Theta.


Sleeping Giant Awakens

A couple months back we looked at the Energy of Bitcoin in an article found in this blog. The focus and attention given to BTC creates enormous amounts of energy which manifests in the forms of price, utility & value.  The same could be said for nearly every project in the cryptoverse, albeit on varying levels.

Over the last 18 months or so, but specifically over the last 6 months another sleeping giant is stirring and awakens the energy in all of us.  Theta Networks.

What does it actually take for these sleeping giants to arise from their slumber begin to move about? There are lessons to be learned from the first crypto, BTC.  Yet, we are in a different space and the time is moving differently.  The challenges of BTC adoption were different than what faces Theta today.

Nevertheless the start has begun.


Continual Progress

When we look at Theta Networks, one major theme which rapidly appears is the continual and non-stop progress being made combined with the video vertical which has nearly unlimited upside.  You could almost liken this to when the http & stmp of the dot com days began to take hold and now we are seeing the same incredible growth where streaming is related.

It doesn't stop just there.  From the Theta token to TFuel and the upcoming Theta Drop, there is a beautiful flow which is taking place right before our very eyes. The Energy of Theta is palpable.

What is even more incredible about the The Energy of Theta and how it is being picked up, received and consumed.  The connection to source with energetics that are reaching directly out to many of those professionals in that space.


Changing the World

Everyone has something in them, even if just a sliver of attention which is looking to impact the world around them.  Then there are those who are tuned in to other channels of information and connected to a higher source than most of us walking this 3D reality. 

Michelle Whitedove is one of those amazing souls.  If you haven't had the chance to become acquainted with her, you can check out her blog at

She also has a lovely patreon channel where she covers a myriad of topics.  For her patreon subscribers she maintains a list of hundreds of different crypto projects with energetic readings and messages channeled directly from source. Even for the most suspicious of readers, you would be amazed at how on point and relevant the information is.

MW is a blessing for everyone who comes into contact with her or enters her space.  AND when it comes to Theta it is no different.  She has been talking about Theta for years now and supporting a special community who has headed her advice along the way.

Theta Network is changing the world and MW is bringing that message to all of us who are able and willing to listen.


The Conscious Crypto Circle

When it comes to communities that are blending energy, attention and focus combined with consciousness the Conscious Crypto Circle CCC is like no other. Born out of the previous crypto cycle, a focus on wealth consciousness combined with spirituality is pair with incredible power. 

Check out the link above as they put on a wisdom class a couple times throughout the year and the next one for this end of summer / fall time frame is coming up in a few days on August 30.  The content covers everything from the evolution of traditional finance systems to how blockchain technology is the tool to anchor in the new world.

If you have never had a chance to hear Christof speak on the subject you won't want to miss this opportunity as many of us who have been following him for quite sometime do not miss opportunities to receive many of the downloads that are given.

While you may think this write-up has swerved off the path it is actually front and center.  The Conscious Crypto Circle has a community of thousands of members and are intently focused on Theta.  From those who have been following the project for several years to those who are just taking the first step into the project the potential of Theta just based on its energy signature is amazing.


Attention and Focus

As many popular and well known influencers have stated along the way,

Where attention goes, Energy flows...

It is easy to see how this is the case with Theta.  Almost as a wave building and building you can sense the energy behind Theta.  Combine that with the use case, tokenomics, problem solving and continuous and never ending improvement and the picture becomes very clear.

The Energy of Theta is a force to be reckoned with and will continue to be as it cements its role as a foundational layer in the new technological ecosystem that is blossoming right before our eyes.




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Written by   33
4 months ago
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