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The Energy of Bitcoin

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1 year ago

Recently there was an interview in the crypto sphere which used words and phrases such as Apex Asset, Knowledge and Awareness. The biggest message that came through loud and clear was The Energy of Bitcoin.

The Interview

Now in general, it is this author's belief that you find more value for something when there is a cost associated with it. That doesn't always mean money, but you get the picture. That being said, with the endless multitudes of content available streaming across every platform there's a good chance you will find some valuable intel.

Take the video below for example. Ben Armstrong, the face of Bitboy Crypto had a conversation with Michael Saylor about his company Micro Strategies and Bitcoin.

This is the second part of the interview, but you can find the first half on the same channel. The part II was telling in many ways especially regarding descriptions of the Apex Asset.

Not Less Than 4 Times

During the entire video and conversation, not less than 4 times did Michael Saylor refer to the "Energy" of Bitcoin. Of course when you first hear someone speak about the energy of a situation, be it an asset or occurrence, it is easy to generalize.

This is where it gets interesting. The instance I heard MS refer to the Energy of Bitcoin, I knew that he was talking about something different. And no it doesn't have to do with the technology per se.

There was something about that phrase that resonated on a deeper level and connected many different things happening in the space in a different light.

Let's Talk Energy

The old cliche` conversation around Bitcoin and energy was always wrapped up in mining and cost per kwh. This couldn't be farther from what was being said.

If you have read any of my other works you will have surely seen the phrase or topic come up a time or two:

Everything is Energy

Albert Einstein is most often attributed with that quote, but who knows for sure right? At the rate everything is being rewritten in a cancel culture, it's quite possible that whole line of thinking came from somewhere else, but that's for another piece.

So if everything is energy and Michael Saylor is talking about the Energy of Bitcoin, here is my interpretation. My only disclaimer is that I truly have no idea what is going on in that man's head, but I can say for sure that some of the topics I'll write on next will connect some dots.

From Realism to Esoteric

A way to think about energy is in regards to the Human Electromagnetic Field (HEF). As Barbara Brennan describes in numerous books of hers how the HEF is the connective juice between everyone and everything.

The challenge is learning how to interpret and relay all of the signals that we are receiving continuously.

When I hear someone refer to the Energy of Bitcoin, I immediately head to a place where I am thinking about the decentralized nature as well as power of unity consciousness.

If this seems too far a reach, just take a deep breath and think through this for a moment. I'll connect with you and describe further.

What Ever You May Believe, You Are Correct

All too often we are wrapped up in the I'm right or You're Right or wrong conversation. Wasn't it Henry Ford who said;

If You Think You Can or You Think You Can't, You're Right.

With so many different perspectives on the planet sometimes it can be challenging to figure how 1 + 1 actually = 2. Point being that we all have a perspective; here's mine.

We are all sovereign beings. We have been born into, learned, been educated by, gained experiences in, and learned plenty is this current "system".

When we look a little deeper at the unity consciousness that exists across the distances and even dimensions if you must go there, we find that we are all decentralized by our very nature. Yet we are unified.

Head spinning yet?

As I kept hearing Michael Saylor saying over and over; The Energy of Bitcoin, and the Energy of the Amount & Volume of Bitcoin, I couldn't help but think that Bitcoin is truly representative.

Representative of the consciousness from which it originated, was designed, copied, created, programmed, developed, tested, or whatever appropriate verb you would like to put there. The point is that Bitcoin is an apex representation of the consciousness of humanity.

And just as the global consciousness is starting to shift as laid out in astrological terms, now that we are truly in the age of Aquarius. Or... Maybe it is we are waking other dormant areas in our fields that have been at rest or undeveloped for far too long.

And The Energy of Bitcoin represents all of the nodes in unity consciousness coming together on a greater level and in more detail.

Walking in Step

It is quite easy to wrap up in all of the conversations around crypto and where it is going as well as relive where it has been to reach today's status.

What is even more interesting is to watch the adoption on a larger scale from those with positive intentions as well as with those who do not. While that's not meant to be a mysterious statement of position, but rather an appreciation for the balance that exists. The yin yang that exists in all of us, too exists in the crypto space, especially with Bitcoin.

Trader, Investor, HODL'r and even those with ill intent are all lured in by the connectivity that surrounds this "apex asset".

The Energy of Bitcoin is something to behold and it truly is one of a kind.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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