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Setting Roots and Cultivating Bitcoin Consciousness

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1 year ago

The whole concept of wealth consciousness was lost on me until recently. The entire notion of recognizing abundance around me, while intellectually easy to grasp, operationally was just not happening. Fortunately, I was able to connect with a powerful group on many levels helped me in two areas: Setting Roots and Cultivating Bitcoin Consciousness

Wealth Consciousness

You might be thinking, wait you started out with wealth consciousness and then named the article Bitcoin consciousness. Here's the thing, while they are different in name, they are exactly the same when it comes to application.

Fortunate for me, and hopefully for you too, it will become apparent how close they really are.

When I think about Wealth Consciousness, it's quite different than what I would have thought while in traditional business school education.

Wealth consciousness is about building wealth. Generational wealth at that, but it is beyond the checkbook. How many stories have you read or heard where the main star has countless toys only to be miserable?

You can make the same analogy for just about any level of income too. Lack of happiness, lack of security, lack of love... They all have something in common.

Living in lack. Or another way to say it is living in scarcity.

Wealth consciousness turns that all around.

The Path

The journey of a thousand miles starts with but a simple step or so the saying goes.

When someone is setting out on this path, especially in the realm of Bitcoin, the choices on what to do next can be quite daunting. I believe the most important critical tool in your journey on this path is your mindset.

Without it you're f@#$%d! What was that you said? Feared? Uh huh...

I don't know about you, but when I first started out down this path, the mindset was where the biggest struggles took place. I was far beyond any deliberation of entries & exits or chart interpretation.

The biggest challenge was aligning my thoughts and emotions with the principles that I am living by. Here's the thing, no matter where you are at right now. No matter what you're thinking, how you're feeling or what the "world" has thrown at you. A decision is yours to be made right now, if you want.

Starting on the path for me incorporated 3 steps. There can always be more, but I wanted effect, impact & flow to the process.

So Here's What I Did

The very first thing that I did was started keeping a journal. A gratitude journal to be specific. Everyday, I write out 3 topics that I am grateful for. It can be anything from an amazing sunrise, incredible cup of coffee or the warm shower you had.

What this practice will do is seed the subconscious with topics you are grateful for. And whether you realize it or not, your subconscious will drive your conscious thoughts to find like situations. Pretty nifty huh.

Okay so what's next?

Second on this list is easy; Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. This may sound over simplistic, but here's the thing. Something like 3 out of 4 people on the planet are chronically dehydrated. Whoa!

Yes, that's correct, look around and out of the next 4 people you see, statistically there's only 1 who is hydrated. That will include you too.

Study after study is lining up with all of the impacts of over caffenization, over coffee-fying and under hydrating. Now don't get me wrong, I can guzzle a cup of jo like the next fella, but don't forget the water.

Cellular health, brain health, muscular health and yes even energetic health is relying on you to stay hydrated.

Keep your water glass full. Keep it near by. Make it accessible. Just make it easy on yourself to stay hydrated. It's a long term game.

The last part to work on is Cleaning, Organizing, Rebuilding Your Energetics. So what does that actually mean?

We are all energetic beings manifesting in a 3d holographic body. We have been trained, educated and exposed to copious amounts of intel about how to take care of our bodies.

What about the energetics and the templates we are built on?

To address this topic there are any number of ways you can go it alone. Yet, I find working with an energy practitioner to be one of the more focused and directed ways of going about your business.

Connecting Consciousness & Crypto

In my experience, I have found the more someone is involved in the crypto space the more opportunity there is to work on energetics. Now that doesn't preclude anyone from this work.

What I am saying here is that because of the volatility in crypto with large swings, big news cycles and the potential for someone to get REKT more quickly than in other sectors, having your energetics in order is that much more important.

I know it sure has for me. Massive highs and lows can wreak havoc on your energy centers which then drive your thoughts and emotions. Hence the vicious cycle can begin.

Knowing this upfront and using the three keys listed above is a step ahead of most everyone around you. Whether by journal or another means, seeding your subconscious in a way that supports you is foundational. Keeping your physicality up to specs with hydration is important too.

Finally, your energetics are key to your overall success. With that whole package in place you have set the foundation to move forward continuing to develop your wealth consciousness.

Now let's get to it! Be Blessed!

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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